Ibiza is host to numerous festivals throughout the year, including religious celebrations, cultural festivals, art exhibitions and more. You'll find so many festivals being held here that you can find something unique to see no matter what time of year you visit.

    Being a majority Catholic populace, many of the festivals are religious in nature, but all are welcome to join in the festivities. What matters is that you embrace the local culture and have fun. Check out the 10 best festivals in Ibiza.



    Partake in a feast

    Epifania, or the Feast of the Epiphany, is part of the island's Christmas and New Year's celebrations where you can see a parade and eat plenty of food. Beginning on January 5 every year, this celebration features a procession of floats complete with the costumed Three Kings.

    On the second day of the event, you can enjoy the feast and special offerings at local eateries. Local children get presents as well. It's held throughout the island, but Ibiza Town's port is the center of the action for this event.



    Enjoy a mardi gras-style party

    Carnival is one of the most iconic celebrations on the entire island and boasts delicious food, fun games and people in costumes dancing through the streets. It's held in February every year, approximately 40 days before Easter, serving as one big party before Lent hits.

    At this festival, you'll be able to enjoy food vendors and street stalls offering delicious treats and unique crafts. Live music is also common throughout the event. The celebration spans the entire island, but most of the bigger parts of the event occur around central Ibiza Town and the harbor.

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    Semana Santa

    Take part in Easter celebrations

    Semana Santa is the popular Easter celebration on the island that takes place every year in early April and features a parade and live music. The Santa Eulalia parade starts at the central market in Ibiza Town, and it includes a full-on reenactment of the Stations of the Cross.

    The midday concert at the town square gives you a chance to see a live performance of religious music. Afterward, the whole procession and parade head to a chapel around the old town. Other towns do their own Easter celebrations, but the main one is centered in Ibiza Town.


    Festa de Maig, Santa Eulalia

    Welcome spring to Ibiza

    Festa de Maig, Santa Eulalia is a festival held in May that welcomes the arrival of spring through fun decorations, dances, fireworks and parades. The main parade is particularly interesting, thanks to its horse-drawn carriages and locals in traditional costumes.

    When you visit this festival, you'll find colorful flowers utilized for decoration all over town and several dancing demonstrations available across the island. The center for this celebration can be found in Santa Eularia des Riu, which is a town located a few miles northeast of Ibiza Town.

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    Ibiza International Movie Festival

    See a variety of movies

    The Ibiza International Movie Festival hosts a variety of movie screenings each spring and includes an award ceremony in which industry experts select the winners. The festival includes both short movies and feature movies from international filmmakers.

    Movie screenings include documentaries, animation, experimental movies and more. The entire festival is focused on independent movies, so you'll be able to see the artists shine more than any studio. Screenings are held in various venues across Ibiza Town, so check the schedule to decide what you want to see.


    Medieval Fair

    Step back in time

    The Medieval Fair is a fun event that attracts people from all over the island and beyond to step back into history and explore the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians. Ibiza went through a lot of different eras over the past few thousand years, and this festival showcases them all with reenactments, artists and performances.

    The decor is designed to mimic what life was like centuries ago with old banners, flags and awnings being set up. You can even see artisans using traditional methods to showcase crafts around the area. It's all located in the historic Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town.


    Traditional Folklore Dance

    Immerse yourself in historic dancing

    The Traditional Folklore Dance is a recurring event that showcases traditional dancing and music from Ibizan folklore that you can watch and learn all about. Dancers will dress in traditional clothes and showcase music and dance from their cultural history.

    Seeing the dancing at this festival is truly a sight to behold, and it's easy to secure a spot. If you visit anytime from June to September, all you have to do is head to the church square of San Miguel on a Thursday to see it.


    Dia del Carmen

    Celebrate the patron saint of fishermen

    Dia del Carmen is a celebration for the patron saint of fishermen in which local fishing towns host parades, parties, markets and feasts along with beachfront fun. The parades are particularly impressive, often featuring colorful water processions and flower-filled boats floating through the harbor.

    This event is one of the best opportunities to grab some delicious food and custom crafts from street vendors. It's held on July 16 every year in Ibiza, San Antonio and Portinatx, with the latter being especially notable for its wreaths at sea.


    Bloop Festival

    Explore an art festival

    The Bloop Festival is an art festival that focuses on contemporary and provocative art that's often interactive, and entrance is completely free. The artists who participate in this festival hail from all around the world, so it's not just locals on display.

    At the center of this festival, you'll find certain themes that seem to permeate throughout all the artwork on display. While the themes are always political and social in nature, the details can vary quite a bit from year to year. It's all located in Ibiza Town near the shore.


    Noche Buena

    Ring in the vacations

    Noche Buena is the Christmas Eve celebration on the island where you'll find decorative lights and delicious food on offer from restaurants all around town. As a majority Catholic island, they tend to take Christmas pretty seriously, so the decorations are vibrant and impressive, and market stalls tend to increase in number as well.

    The food on offer during this event is some of the best you'll find all year, with restaurants often featuring special menu items. Just keep in mind you'll probably have to book in advance to get a table. This event takes place across the entire island.

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