Sokcho things to do include a wide range of activities from natural spas and water parks to ancient temples, scenic national parks, beaches and exciting classic theme parks. If you want panoramic views to light up your social media, you'll find them at places like Younggeumjeong Pavilion, Ulsanbawi Rock, the Seoraksan Cable Automobile, Expo Tower and Biryong Falls. You can go hiking at Oeongchi Bada Hyangiro Trail or through Cheonbuldong Valley and go potholing in the caves at Geumganggul Grotto. You can splash and play at Aqua World or get a hot spring spa treatment at Seorak Waterpia.

    At Hearts Alive amusement park, you can ride thrill rides, play games and see live entertainment shows. Unique museums include Balhae Historical Museum, Happy Owl House, the Bauzium Sculpture Museum and the National Mountain Museum.

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