Sokcho is a bustling port city with a strong seafood tradition and plenty of local delicacies made with seasonal, fresh-sourced produce and fish brought in right off the docks. One of the city's specialties is mulhoe, a spicy, sweet and salty cold raw fish soup chilled with ice. Chungchosoo Fish is a famed restaurant specializing in this dish. Surprisingly, Korean fried chicken is a popular local dish, and Sokcho is famed for it. It's called dakgangjeong and it's spicy with nuts often sprinkled on top. Grab this popular street food at Manseok Dakgangjeong where it first made its name.

    In Sokcho, a sundae is not ice cream, but Korean blood sausage with sticky rice. Tons of eateries at Jungang Market serve this delectable dish. For beverages and dessert, Sokcho has a thriving cafe culture, and many bakeries-cum-coffee-shops feature brilliant ocean views.

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