Shopping in Gyeongju is much more relaxed than most South Korean cities. Instead of bustling shopping districts and modern malls, you’ll find decades-old antique shops along narrow alleyways and open-air markets that stock fresh produce and household items. It’s a haven for bargain hunters as they get to shop for local crafts, art pieces, teas, antiques, and textiles at reasonable prices. 

It’s a good idea to see where the locals go for shopping as you’ll be able to find regional specialties that aren’t always available anywhere else. Always carry cash during your shopping trip as some stores in Gyeongju, especially local markets, don’t accept credit cards.

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  • 6 Best Places to Go Shopping in Gyeongju

    Shopping in Gyeongju is rather laidback compared to major cities in South Korea. The town may not have trendy malls and huge shopping districts, but there are still many places to shop for a variety of things, such as local crafts, art pieces, teas, antiques, and textiles. Make sure you plan your shopping trips in advance by researching about what to buy...

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