Food and dining in Daegu introduces you to a culinary scene that's ever-evolving and developing with everything from complex Indian curries to basic broiled cheese sandwiches and beyond. Here, you can explore just about everything from classic pad Thai to green curry, pad si lo, tandoori chicken, pho, com tam, bánh mi, cha gio and so many other dishes. This city is in many ways the heart and soul of South Korea's foodie scene with a mind-blowing variety of global influences.

    If you really want to experience authentic South Korean food, check local restaurants for dishes like Hoeddeok, street food that's a type of sweet pancake. Check out the marinated beef barbecue known as Bulgogi. Pork strips called Samgyeopsal are among the most popular dishes in the country. Like many Asian cultures, South Korea also has stir-fried noodles called Japchae.

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