Bergen is Norway's second largest city, and is, in many people's opinion, also the country's finest. There is still a big difference between the districts here, and tourists can easily end up staying around the center without getting to see any of the neighborhoods where the Bergen locals live.

    You can do this with just a little information about the different districts. Not all places have the same number of tourist magnets - Fisketorget and Bryggen can only be found in one place - but there are still exciting discoveries to be made outside the most obvious tourist trail.



    Central and Popular

    Møhlenpris is just a short distance from Bryggen, but if you intend to go there on foot, be prepared to go both up and downhill. The most pleasant way to Møhlenpris from the city centre is through the upper part of Nygårdsparken, with the University on your right.

    You eventually reach a residential area with pretty parks and a hidden treasure in the form of Bergen Technical Museum. There are plenty of cafés here, a soccer pitch and heavy industry that still fills the area around Damsgårdsundet.

    Location: Bergen, Norway


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    A Diverse Residential Neighborhood

    If you come to Bergen by automobile, from the south on the E39, you drive straight across Danmarksplass. From this angle, the neighborhood may seem a bit dull, but if you park up and take a walk past the houses and people here, you'll soon change your mind.

    The buildings with facades facing the square itself include many famous shops and brands, but head round the back of the same buildings and you'll find small, cozy cafés and grocery stores. The light rail stops at Danmarksplass, which also makes it easy to get here by public transportation from the city centre.

    Location: Bergen, Norway


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    More Space and Bigger Gardens

    • Families

    Welcome to Paradis, the district that is home to one of the city's finest residential neighborhoods. This is the part of Bergen where you can easily get carried away and wish you could settle in the capital of Western Norway.

    You'll walk past manicured gardens, houses with space for large families, safe streets and green neighborhoods. This is a district that doesn't have much going on for those visiting the city for just a long weekend, but is a comfortable place for anyone who calls Bergen their home.

    Location: Bergen, Norway


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    Get Up High for Some Great Pictures of the City

    Just north of the city centre is Sandviken, one of Bergen's most picturesque districts. If you start exploring the district from down by the water, you will become more and more impressed as you climb up the rather steep slope the district is located on. Here the town houses nestle close together, with gardens and pedestrian-friendly streets one behind the other.

    There are plenty of places to stop for a coffee if you're just looking around, but this is mainly a district where people live. Further north in Sandviken, however, is the living historical museum of Gamle Bergen, so you can get a dose of culture once you are here.

    Location: Bergen, Norway



    Cozy Houses Full of Cozy People

    Townhouses, apartment blocks and shops adapted for motorists define the area of Loddefjord, the district located less than a mile outside Bergen city centre. You need a automobile to get here and if you have one, you can look forward to a great place with a lot going on.

    Vestkanten Storsenter attracts shopping-loving city dwellers looking for budget prices. Vannkanten Badeland is the place to take the children if you've spent all day shopping at the mall. But if it's a bit of fresh air and pretty scenery you're after, take a walk around Storavatnet and Småvatnet - there are several parking options nearby.

    Location: Bergen, Norway


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    Away from the City, but Close to Nature

    Arna is sheltered by the mountains to the east, yet not far form the city centre. If you drive over the mountains to Bergen, Arna is the first district you come to. It is also a place that deserves to be more than just a drive-through to reach the city.

    Arna has great access to the local nature. Bergen's city mountains are within walking distance, just like in the city centre, whether you want to reach high altitudes or head out on the water. Arna's town center has all you need for a picnic in the countryside or out on the waves.

    Location: Bergen, Norway


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    Out on Deck in Fresh Sea Air

    The western headland, which lies between Vågsbunnen and Nøstet, is full of sights, but it is only the outer part that really bears the name Nordnes. At the far end of the headland are some of Bergen's biggest tourist attractions, such as the Aquarium, Nordnesparken and the Nordnes bathing area.

    It's only a short walk from the city centre, and walking is recommended to get a full impression of the whole district. You'll also find a few secluded gems such as Fredriksberg Fortress (only open during the summer) and lively concerts at USF Verftet.

    Location: Bergen, Norway


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    Bergen City Center

    Bergen City – Old and New

    Despite the fact that Bergen is Norway's second largest city, the center is small enough to easily cover on foot - whatever physical shape you're in.

    If you struggle to walk too far or have bad legs, then the many cobbled streets can be a challenge, as can the steeper slopes. But other than that, Bergen city centre has plenty of experiences and activities for everyone, no matter how old, wealthy or historically interested you are. Welcome to the city below the seven mountains. Prepare for a visit full of friendly hospitality and photo opportunities!

    Location: Bergen, Norge


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    At the Far End of Fyllingsdalen, Close to the Sea

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    Bønes is the southernmost part of Fyllingsdalen, and the place where the development of this suburb took place most recently. Until the 80s, this was an idyllic, but remote coastal and fishing area that most people from Bergen didn't visit other than to swim in Nordåsvannet.

    Since then, things have improved greatly: The opportunities to dive into the water on a hot summer's day are the same as before, but it is easier to get here by public transportation, and there are several shops, cafés and meeting places for both visitors and permanent residents.

    Location: Bergen, Norway



    Central and Convenient Location

    The small, winding streets and alleys that make up Vågsbunnen in the center of Bergen have their very own atmosphere and appeal. Skostredet is the hub of shopping and café life.

    From Fisketorget you can walk up Vågsalmenningen, and by the time you reach the end of the street by the water, you'll notice it gets a lot quieter. Enjoy a coffee at one of the nice cafés here. A table on an outdoor terrace is the perfect spot for people watching. If it's too late for coffee, it's never too late for a tasty snack or a drink.

    Location: Bergen, Norway


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