Fløyen is the closest mountain to the city centre, out of Bergen's seven city mountains, and a very popular destination for both residents and visitors of all ages.

Fløyen refers to the plateau that sits some distance below the summit of Fløyfjellet, although with a height of just 399 meters above sea level and a forested peak, it barely qualifies as a mountain. The plateau is located at an altitude of 325 meters above sea level, close to the upper station of the Fløibanen funicular. This route is Bergen's largest tourist attraction measured by the number of tickets sold, with well over a million journeys a year. The path and a network of forest roads make the area very easily accessible from the city centre.

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Highlights of Mount Fløyen

Many visitors settle for a quick up and down trip in the funicular to look at the view and take pictures. The funicular is an attraction in itself, with glass roofs and large windows that provide ample opportunity to look around as you glide upwards. As the cabin moves upwards, the landscape recedes behind you, and you get to enjoy a bird's eye view of the entire city and the surrounding area. Enjoy the view in peace and quiet from the viewing plateau by the upper station, where a kind of grandstand has been built. The city streets and Vågen are just below you, the mountain peaks in Sunnhordland are in the south, the sea gap is directly opposite, and Øygarden, which extends north into the horizon. It's a magnificent sight, especially in the evening sun.

If you like being active then you should definitely lace up your hiking boots and follow the signs to Rundemanen, the mountain top inside and above Fløyfjellet. Parts of the trail are exposed, and the top is sparse and exposed to wind, so some hiking experience is required. In winter, it's worth checking the weather forecast for the light trail on Fløyen, because often the height difference can mean there is enough snow for ski conditions up there even if the city streets are snow-free.

Mount Fløyen – a paradise for active kids

Most children in Bergen have been to Fløyen at some time or another, either with their kindergarten or school. It's easy to see why this is a popular destination for large groups, because this is a place where everyone can join in and have fun. Take the funicular to the top, so the kids have enough energy left to walk a bit and explore the forest. The area around the idyllic, small lake Skomakerdiket is very popular. It's just a few minutes walk from the upper station and has adapted seating and picnic neighborhoods with barbecue facilities. In summer you can rent a canoe, and in winter there is often good ice skating to be had here. Otherwise there are plenty of forests, streams and water to play in and explore.

By the upper station, there is a fun play area and a kiosk that sells ice cream, so there's plenty to keep the little ones occupied. Adults can enjoy a cup of coffee in the café, although it's worth bringing a thermos and comfy seat pads as it's often hard to tear the kids away. Slightly older children can explore the forest on the upper side of the station area, where the strange wooden sculptures in Trollskogen are fun to find and play on. Even further inside the forest is Fløysletten with flat play neighborhoods and a fantastic wooden climbing and obstacle course, perfect for children of elementary school age.

Worth knowing about Mount Fløyen

The easiest way to get to Fløyen is to take Fløibanen. It takes you from Vetrlidsallmenningen to the top in just seven minutes. During the peak season for cruise ships or on Sundays, when half the city likes to go on a Sunday walk, expect to queue for a while, but with two carriages with a capacity of up to 100 people and which run in a continuous shuttle, the queue tends to move quickly. If you want to get up the mountain on your own steam, expect to walk for about three quarters of an hour - not including any breaks. Pedestrians have three routes to choose from: via Tippetue, up Fløysvingene or via Skansemyren. The latter route is paved all the way up and was used as a trail during the World Cycling Championships, while the other two consist of wide gravel roads, which are well signposted.

Fløyen in Bergen

Location: Vetrlidsallmenningen 23A, 5014 Bergen, Norway

Open: Fløibanen: From Monday to Friday: 08.00-20.00; Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-20.000

Phone: Fløibanen: +47 55 33 68 00