Getting around Penang is relatively easy, as various parts of the island are connected with paved roadways. However, its high population density often results in traffic congestion during rush hour. 

    You can find various transportation options that suit many budget levels. Buses are great for long-distance travel at affordable rates, while traditional trishaws are best suited if you prefer a slow yet laidback way of getting around the UNESCO-listed George Town. Of course, you can opt for automobile rentals and taxi cabs if you have a rather big budget for transportation in Penang


    Traveling by bus in Penang

    Buses ply the major routes around Penang. They are the cheapest mode of transportation on the island. The main terminals are at George Town’s Weld Quay and Komtar buildings. Buses even have machines that accept coins to pay the fares. 

    photo by Ilya Plekhanov (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Taking a taxi cab in Penang

    Taxi cabs are easily and widely available around Penang. Bear in mind that some taxi cabs don’t use meters, so agree on a price before boarding the taxi cab. 

    Start by asking about the cost of getting to your destination and haggle until you reach a satisfactory rate. There are plenty of taxi cabs servicing the island, so flag another one if you feel that the price is too high. 

    Phone: 60125134707

    photo by Ilya Plekhanov (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Renting a automobile in Penang

    Renting a automobile offers great flexibility and convenience in Penang. All you have to do is make sure you have a valid driver's license and pay a deposit. Automobile rentals are available around town – most hotels can even arrange one for you.

    Note that traffic jellies can get quite severe, especially during peak hours. You’ll also need some getting used to the unique road system, where most streets are oneway. There is usually no indication of this by way of signage or arrows painted on the roads.



    The 3-wheeled trishaw is a novelty for tourists to enjoy in Penang. It's one of the most flexible transportation options around the city, as you can make a few stops along the way and shop for souvenirs.

    You can find plenty of trishaws around George Town, especially along the Malecon near Fort Cornwallis. Be sure to ask and agree on a price before you board one. Prices are always negotiable, but it's a good idea to tip your trishaw peddler for their laborious effort.

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