Bor Pen Nyang is a 4-storey bar and restaurant overlooking the Mekong River and central Vientiane. The vibe changes throughout the day, so depending on the time of the visit, you may find a chill-out bar with pool tables, a sunset roof terrace, or a vibrant backpacker-friendly club. 

If you’re planning to catch the sunset, head there early as seats by the terrace get filled up fast. Bor Pen Nyang’s food menu ranges from fajitas and pizzas to Lao-style BBQ and stir-fried dishes – standouts include larb (minced meat salad), spicy seafood soup, and the special Swiss cheeseburger. Draught BeerLao is served in pints, pitchers and beer towers.

Bor Pen Nyang - one of the highlights of 9 Best Nightlife in Vientiane (Read all about Vientiane here)

Nightlife at Bor Pen Nyang 

At night, Bor Pen Nyang is one of the liveliest nightspots in the city, with a music policy of popular western music and 2 pool tables that are consistently busy. Anyone who fancies a game must write their name on a whiteboard and wait for the bar staff to come and notify them. 

Bor Pen Nyang’s clientele is a chatty mix of backpackers, tourists, and locals. One of the renowned traits of Vientiane is how easy it is to fall into conversation with complete strangers – something which rarely happens in bigger, busier cities. 

This trait is especially true in Bor Pen Nyang, so it’s a good spot for solo travelers looking to strike up a conversation with like-minded tourists and friendly locals.

Bor Pen Nyang

Location: Quai Fa Ngum, Vientiane, Laos

Open: Daily from 10am to midnight

Phone: +856 21 261 373

Paul Smith | Compulsive Traveler