Shopping in Savannakhet is limited to small shops lining the main roads of the city – you can find quality craft, art, antiques, fabrics, and silverwares sourced from ethnic tribe villages. Tourists often visit the town’s main market, which occupies a large building east of Savannakhet bus station. 

    If you’re exploring the outskirts of Savannakhet, you can stop by local villages where cotton weaving is practiced. Chances are you’ll get better deals if you buy textiles here instead of shops in the town center. 


    Savanxay Market

    Savanxay Market is one of the largest marketplaces in Savannakhet. Located 100 meters east of the main bus station, dozens of vendors sell handicrafts, food items, and textiles at rather affordable prices. 

    It’s usually busy in the morning when locals shop for fresh produce and household items. You’ll also be able to enjoy authentic Lao, Vietnamese and Thai food while shopping at Savanxay Market.

    Location: Visoukan Road, Huamuong Village, Kaisone Phomvihane, Savannakhet, 00856, Laos

    Open: Daily from 6am to 5pm


    photo by Chaoborus (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Dao Heuang Duty Free Shop

    The Dao Heuang Duty-Free Shop offers chocolates, liquor, cigarettes and cigars at discounted prices. Adjacent to the Dao Heuang coffee shop, you will also find a wide variety of Dao Coffee products – one of the largest coffee producers in Laos. 

    You can also find a small selection of handicrafts, hill-tribe products, silverware and jewelry sold at this duty-free shop.

    Location: Sisavangvong Road, Kaisonephomvihan District, Savannakhet, Laos

    Paul Smith | Compulsive Traveler

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