Nightlife in Yokohama is on full display in its pubs, lounges and nightclubs, where you can find the vibe you're after, whether that's casual and laid back or energetic and wild. The first Japanese cocktail is called the Bamboo and was invented in 1889 at the Grand Hotel. Yokohama is also the home of the first commercial brewery in Japan, Kinn, and has a thriving craft beer culture. It's also a jazz town and hosts many jazz clubs all over the city. Popular local nightclubs include Yokohama Nightclub, Tropicana and Motion Blue.

    Other nightlife options here include a sea or sky cruise to catch the city in a romantic way. You can see superb scenes from Yamashita Park and its towering viewpoint. Karaoke is a popular evening activity, and Karaoke-Kan Yokohama Nishiguchi has many rooms for singing.

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