Food and dining in Fukuoka is the gateway to one of Japan's great gourmet cities, with a vibrant, ever-evolving foodie scene with local delicacies and international flavors galore. Some of the more iconic local dishes you must try while in this city include Hakata ramen, made with pork bone broth and egg noodles; Mentaiko, a spicy, salted sort of fish sausage that is eaten over rice or as a pub snack; Motsunabe, a hotpot made with pork or beef giblets; and Mizutaki, another hotpot made with jidori chicken.

While Fukuoka has its share of restaurants from casual family eateries to upscale fine-dining establishments, it's the street stalls that are part and parcel of the tradition here. Called yatai, these food stalls spring to life along the waterfront district every night, and they're a great way to experience and taste the culture of Fukuoka.

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