Termini is a densely populated district in northeast Rome best known for having the main train station in Italy, being in the middle of many historical and cultural sights. The name came from the former public baths of Diocletian, which are located across the street from the railroad station’s entrance. The Gardens of Sallust, a lush estate previously owned by Julius Caesar, are also close to the station. From the Esquiline Hill, the highest of the city’s Seven Hills and other vantage points, Termini supplies fantastic, majestic views of Rome’s skyline.

Termini also tends to be more affordable relative to other central neighbourhoods of Rome, with a steadily growing interest in food and urban development. It’s one of the best places to stay if you’re looking to experience some of everything in the city, with easy access to a large variety of prominent attractions.

Termini in Rome - one of the highlights of 11 Most Popular Neighbourhoods in Rome (Read all about Rome here)

What are the highlights of Termini in Rome?

Termini’s broad, full-service transportation system emphasizes both traditional and modern perspectives in its design, with access to all of its platforms obtained from the main level or an underground passageway reached by escalator. A portion of the Servian Walls from the 4th century BC are safeguarded today just outside the station.

The town of Termini consists of Roman churches, a Roman amphitheater, archeological sites, industrial plants, the exceptionally well-preserved bridge and aqueduct of Cornelius, the Oriented Nature Reserve of St. Calogero Mount, the Temple of Victory at Himera, the thermal baths of the Grand Hotel delle Terme and the Greek ruins Himera. The town hosts Carnival every year as well, a celebration with ancient Italian origins. Stylish boutiques such as the shoe store Suede and jaunty eateries such as Scabeat have arisen around Termini, drawn to its diverse sights and ever-present hustle and bustle.

Where to eat and drink in Termini in Rome?

Termini receives a drifting, bohemian atmosphere from surrounding neighbourhoods, encouraging a range of street food and outdoor cafes and bars beside more traditional sit-down restaurants. Iconic Italian dishes such as spaghetti al carbonara and white cheese pizza and the beverages Aperol and Campari cocktails are common offerings. Madre offers Iberian and South American food with its Italian dishes and Mediterranean tapas, its signature item being a sweet Roman bun called maritozzo.

Amodei is part bistro and part food convenience store in Termini, offering over 250 local specialty wines along with beers, truffles, olive oils, uncooked pasta and canned fish. There are souvenirs and plates organized geographically at long tables. Such plates include the Lazio with capocollo and fiocco cheese and the Parma with pecorino, mortadella and ham. The area is a mere 5-minute walk from the Mercato Centrale Market as well, which contains many artisanal creations.

What else is good to know about Termini in Rome?

Convent hotels provide a budget-friendly alternate to other accommodations options in the area. Although there is always added security when compared to other places in Rome, Termini remains safest to explore with company, being one of the busiest neighbourhoods in the city.

In addition, Termini is near the just as busy neighbourhoods of Monti, Pigneto, Prati, Centro Storico, San Lorenzo, Ostiense and Trastevere. Especially popular squares near the area are Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo, with their proximity to many famous attractions. Famous attractions near Termini include the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Vatican City, Domus Aurea, the National Museum of Classical Art, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and the Largo di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary.

Termini in Rome

Location: Roma RM, Italy