San Lorenzo is an urban district in Rome with countless cultural and historical connections alongside a bohemian atmosphere and compelling nightlife. The energy of the area abounds in its unique street art, art studios, museums, bars and restaurants. San Lorenzo is a popular hangout for university students due to its modern outlook and location near La Sapienza, Rome’s primary university and one of the largest in Europe.

Some of the damage from the war still lingers in San Lorenzo, creating both a respectful and inspirational setting through its revealing of the past. The Italian singer and songwriter Francesco De Gregori dedicated a song to the 1943 bombing of the neighbourhood in 1982, which was included in the 'Titanic' album of that year. San Lorenzo is also notable for being the origin of Maria Montessori’s educational program, which gotten its start in 1907.

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What are the highlights of San Lorenzo in Rome?

San Lorenzo's street art is a must-see for any art lover and includes a vast collection of murals, stickers, posters and purposely chosen messages. Via dei Sabelli includes an enormous mural designed by the renowned artist Alice Pasquini and is just a short walk away from the works of other renowned artists like Borondo, Hogre and C215.

An increasingly high-end array of bookstores and boutiques has taken over San Lorenzo, becoming preferable to places like the technical workshops and outdoor markets that have fallen out of style. Plenty of edgy stores, like the Candle Store, and progressive establishments, like Micca Club, attract crowds of young people, while the gritty, adventurous nature of the district combined with buildings in various states of disrepair attracts others. Organized activities, such as artistic courses, dance classes, live music and movie screenings, are plentiful.

Where to eat and drink in San Lorenzo in Rome?

Down-to-earth eateries beside youthful hubs serve local and international foods, with a good number of affordable and familiar-feeling Roman pizzerias, such as Formula Uno, Osteria Pizzeria SanLollo and Il Podista. For pasta, Osteria II Pulcino Ballerino offers full, well-cooked meals. For signature panini sandwiches, Mejo Pani Enoteca is among the best places to go. The casual Giufa Libreria Caffe is not only a coffee shop but also a quaint bookstore and bar.

Traditional pastry shops and bakeries offer an even greater number of options, with SAID dal 1923 being a prime place for chocolate aficionados. The bistro's famous hot chocolate pairs well with its sweet, delectable snacks like bonbons, a comforting feature during cold mornings and evenings. If you’re visiting when it’s warm, you might want to try Gelato San Lorenzo for entirely artisanal and natural ice cream. Moreover, there is a produce market every morning on Via del Vosci.

What else is good to know about San Lorenzo in Rome?

One of the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome, the Basilica Papale di San Lorenzo Fuori Le Mura lies at the end of the Verano area in San Lorenzo, paying homage to the area’s religious foundations and representing an era that saw great care taken with architectural development. The Parco dei Caduti pays tribute to those whose lives were lost in the air raid of 1943.

San Lorenzo is just north of the Termini train station. Nearby places of historical and cultural interest include the Basilica of St. Lawrence, the Verano Monumental Cemetery, Campo de’ Fiori, Villa Borghese, the EUR monument, the Diocese of Rome, the Aurelian Walls, Scala Sancta, the Church of Saint-Mary Immaculate and Saint John Berchmans and Porta Tiburtina.

San Lorenzo in Rome

Location: Roma RM, Italy