Centro Storico is part of the declared World Heritage Site in Rome, Italy, as a prominent historical neighbourhood rich in ancient culture and architectural sights. The three, or “trident”, streets that make up the shopping area of Centro Storico start in Piazza del Popolo and consist of Via di Ripetta, Via del Corso and Via del Babuino parallel to one another. These roads are lined with impressive monuments, designer stores, trendy boutiques, upbeat bars and cheerful dance clubs, generating a fun, adventurous vibe with a diverse mix of people.

From Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Navona, Centro Storico is one of the best places in Rome to wander, as there are always plenty of new and old attractions to discover. Amongst the typically curated, long beloved sights is the beautiful, constant modern development of the city.

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What are the highlights of Centro Storico in Rome?

Piazza del Popolo in Centro Storico possesses an unusually tall Egyptian obelisk by sister churches Santa Maria in Montesano to the left and Santa Maria dei Miracolli to the right. The famed Spanish Steps and gorgeously baroque Trevi Fountain are nearby, often crowded due to their well-known, scenic appearances and proximity to high-end stores. One such store is CUCINA, a cooking specialty shop that offers all kinds of kitchen wares.

The Pantheon and Colosseum are other well-preserved places of architectural and cultural wonder near Centro Storico, bearing grand tribute to the legacy of Rome’s past. Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio is an interesting illusory display of fresco on a dome, while other marvels include Santa Maria del Popolo and the Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore. In the medieval square, partygoer clubs Shari Vari Playhouse and La Maison play primarily dance, house and current popular music, with disco La Cabala upstairs.

Where to eat and drink in Centro Storico in Rome?

For drink enthusiasts, there’s daily Italian happy hour, or aperitivo, at cafes, bars and club lounges in Centro Storico. The most luxurious places to get a drink include Fluid, Salotto 42 and Caffe della Pace. Pubs such as Abbey Theater, Trinity College and Scholars Lounge are popular not only for their beverages but also their broadcasting of professional sports, frequently accompanied by live music or game nights, making for a laid-back, thriving nightlife.

By the Pantheon near Centro Storico, Da Remo is known for its classic Italian pizza, with salami, pancetta or pumpkin, as well as calzones. Caffeteria d’arte al Chiostro del Bramante and Caffe Novecentro are known for their tasty tarts and cakes, with Il Gelato serving many flavors of ice cream. Additionally, the Campo de’ Fiori market is open every day except Sunday and is known for its fresh, high-quality produce and flowers.

What else is good to know about Centro Storico in Rome?

Further places of historical significance in Centro Storico include St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Forum, Largo di Torre Argentina, the National Etruscan Museum and the Vatican Museums. St. Peter’s Basilica is a Renaissance-style church built in the papal enclave of Rome, a shining example of the artistry of the period.

The Roman Forum is a collection of ruins of buildings near Centro Storico vital to the government of ancient Rome, with ongoing archeological excavations. Largo di Torre Argentina are archeological ruins that contain the site of Julius Caesar’s assassination, the Theater of Pompey. The National Etruscan Museum features artifacts such as the Sarcophagus of the Spouses from the civilization predating the Romans, the Etruscans. The Vatican Museums showcase the Catholic Church’s large selection of renowned sculptures and Renaissance paintings, with approximately 20,000 pieces publicly exhibited and 70,000 total housed in their establishments.

Centro Storico in Rome

Location: Roma RM, Italy