The Campo de’ Fiori market, or 'Field of Flowers' market', lies on one of Rome's main squares and is known for its flower, fruit and vegetable offerings. From local soccer games in the afternoons to outdoor cafes later in the day, the namesake square teems with people day and night.

The site of the Campo de’ Fiori market was originally a flower-filled field but was paved in 1456 to form the Piazza Campo dei Fiori. The square became a popular spot filled with specialty workshops, taverns, inns and a horsemarket and was used for public executions. The market was established here in 1869 and has flourished since.

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What are the highlights of Campo de’ Fiori market in Rome

Besides the Campo de’ Fiori market, the square is home to a replica cattle fountain known as 'the soupbowl' that serves to keep cut flowers fresh. The fountain features the inscription 'fa del ben e lassa dire', which translates to 'do good and let them talk', a nod to the tittle-tattle that goes on in the square.

At the center of the Campo de’ Fiori market plaza is a monument erected in 1889 to Italian philosopher and martyr of free thought Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake in 1600 for heresy. The statue faces the Vatican, pensive and imposing on the exact spot of his death.

What else is good to know about Campo de’ Fiori market in Rome?

Since 1869, the Campo de’ Fiori market has become all the more known through its selling of a great selection of flowers and vegetables every morning from Monday to Saturday. The restaurants, cocktail bars and terraces around the market are fabulous places for romance or meetings of any kind, along with sightseeing of sunsets.

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Campo de' Fiori Market in Rome

Location: Piazza Campo de' Fiori, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Phone: +39 06 0608