These best beach bars and clubs in Sicily partly make the island a prime destination for a beach vacation. There are plenty of great beachfront spots to spend your time in during your stay. You’ll want sun loungers and refreshments while you’re on the shores, and the clubs often come equipped with showers and other comforts so you can stay into the evening after a day in the sea and sand.

    Sicily has some stunning views from its coast, which is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas. There are beautiful sunsets, and whether you’re hoping to relax and take in the scenery or take part in some watersports or beach parties, this list should help you find the ideal spot.


    Lido Tao Beach Club

    Cabanas on Taormina's beachfront

    Lido Tao Beach Club is Taormina's prime destination for relaxing on a beach terrace, enjoying a light lunch, or sipping on some cocktails overlooking the Ionian Sea. Lido Tao has 2 beaches with private neighborhoods, a bar, and countless water sports available to book.

    By day, you can rent sun loungers on the sand or a 4-person cabana with a table and parasol. The service is great, with staff aiming to make your day as easy as possible so that you’re ready for the night. After enjoying aperitifs on the terrace, sample Sicilian seafood for dinner before heading to the bar with live DJs.

    Location: Via Nazionale, 175, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy

    Phone: +39 32 9884 1839


    Sky and Sand Club

    One of Sicily’s hottest beach party spots

    Sky and Sand Club is a beach club on the north Sicilian coast, just under 20 km west of Cefalù. It’s one of Sicily’s best spots for beach parties. If you get there early enough, you’ll be able to top up your tan on one of the sun loungers beforehand.

    There are beverages and snacks aplenty throughout the day, and you’ll be able to find a range of light bites like salads, fries and sandwiches. The music is always on point even when there isn’t a party, with playlists created to suit the beach vibe. And the parties are something else – you can dance away under the sunset, right beside the waves, in a Sicilian paradise.

    Location: Lungomare del Mediterraneo, 90010 Solfarelli PA, Italy

    Phone: +39 37 9167 8166


    Kalokairi Beach Club

    Spend a day on sunbeds with views of the ocean

    Kalokairi Beach Club sits in a relaxing location on the north coast of Sicily, just near Termini Imerese port. The venue is set on a pebble beach, with plenty of sun loungers with great views.

    You’ll be greeted by its friendly staff, who’ll show you to your lounger or table of choice. There’s food on offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a good selection of cocktails. Kalokairi Beach Club is one of Sicily’s best sundowning spots. If you’re there for sunset, make sure to get a seat outside. 

    Location: Viale dei D'Aragona Re, 90018 Termini Imerese PA, Italy

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 4 am

    Phone: +39 329 379 7843


    Puravita Beach Club

    Fresh Mediterranean seafood by the sea

    Puravita Beach Club boasts an amazing location right on the southern tip of Sicily, ready to welcome you for a day on Dune Beach. The food is fantastic and sunsets are stunning, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to relax down on the Lido coast.

    The food suits the scene, with Puravita Beach Club serving a selection of fresh seafood, straight from the Med. You can rent sofas and beach loungers, while staff serve your food and beverages. Make sure to check the calendar if you want to catch one of its popular beach parties.

    Location: Carratois, 96010 Portopalo di capo Passero SR, Italy

    Phone: +39 33 4374 4734


    Splash Beach Giardini-Naxos

    A popular beach club on Sicily’s east coast

    Splash Beach Giardini-Naxos is a small but stylish beach club in Giardini-Naxos, on the eastern coast of Sicily. Placed in the middle of Sayonara Beach, it's a nice haven on one of Sicily's more popular beaches.

    You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas at affordable rates. Splash Beach Giardini-Naxos' sandwiches and cocktails will keep you going through the day. There’s a spa available if you want to pamper yourself and freshen up. If you’re after a party, you’ll be in the right place if you stay after sunset.

    Location: Via Naxos s.n.c, 98035 Giardini-Naxos ME, Italy

    Open: Daily from 7 am to 2 am

    Phone: +39 33 4270 6284


    El Chiringuito Cucina & Beverage

    Beach bar serving excellent Sicilian seafood

    El Chiringuito Cucina & Beverage is a beach bar on the southern coast of Sicily, near San Giorgio Beach. It has its own garden just meters from the beach, with plenty of trees providing shade from the midday heat.

    The menu is great here, offering a lot more than most beach clubs in Sicily. There are plenty of seafood dishes, with octopus especially popular among diners. After a filling meal, you can relax and enjoy views of the ocean on bright blue sun loungers. 

    Location: Via Lido, 92019 San Giorgio AG, Italy

    Open: Daily from noon to midnight

    Phone: +39 32 0861 5106


    Mojito Beach

    Wake up with a Sicilian espresso

    Mojito Beach is a small beach cafe in the south of Sicily, just off Via Leonardo da Vinci. It's an ideal stop-off on the pebble beach where you can give your feet a rest. Here, the friendly service and refreshments will suit you all day. 

    You can enjoy croissants and Italian espressos for breakfast, with the sea breeze keeping you cool while you sit on the terrace. Snacks continue throughout lunch and the rest of the day. In the evening, you can enjoy an aperitif while watching the sunset.

    Location: Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 92016 Seccagrande AG, Italy

    Open: Monday from 4.30 pm to 1 am, Tuesday–Friday from 9 am to 1.30 pm and from 4.30 pm to 1 am, Saturday–Sunday from 9 am to 1.30 pm and from 4.30 pm to 2 am

    Phone: +39 34 7220 4014



    For cocktails in chic surroundings

    Barbanera Beach Bar & Mixology Garden is a beach club on the northern coast of Sicily, just a short walk of Villa Falcone Borsellino. It's as exciting as it sounds, with chic lounge neighborhoods to chill on by the beach along with expertly crafted cocktails.

    Barbanera is a great place for enjoying some good tunes and a few beverages. The trendy surroundings match the playlists perfectly, while views from the sun loungers are splendid. The cocktails are a must-try as well – if you're lucky, you might catch one of the staff pulling off some flair.

    Location: Villa Falcone e Borsellino, 98076 Sant’agata militello ME, Italy

    Open: Daily from 5 pm to 3 am

    Phone: +39 328 881 4690


    Lido Scialai

    Set up for a day on Sicily’s southern tip

    Lido Scialai is a beach club on the very southern tip of Sicily, where the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas meet. You'll know you're there when you can see the Isola delle Correnti Lighthouse marking the point. 

    You'll find everything you need for a day at the beach, including sun loungers, umbrellas, and showers. There's an extensive menu of food and beverages, with international dishes and Italian staples like pasta with freshly caught seafood. We recommend visiting Lido Scialai before 10 am when it starts to fill up. If you're hoping to catch a sunset, getting there a few hours early is a must.

    Location: Via Guardiana Contrada, snc, 96010 Portopalo di capo Passero SR, Italy

    Phone: +39 38 9536 6369


    Paradise Beach Club

    Explore a garden by the sea

    Paradise Beach Club sits on a beach just north of Taormina. It’s a destination in itself with plenty of activities on offer. The views out on the bay are gorgeous, while the beach itself has public and private zones, as well as watersports equipment to rent.

    Paradise Beach Club has a garden by the sea, where you can unwind among the olive trees lining the stone paths. After a day of enjoying nature in the Sicilian sun, you can stop off at Mojito Bar for its 5 pm happy hour to welcome the evening.

    Location: Contrada Sillemi, 98037 Letojanni ME, Italy

    Open: Daily from 9.30 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +39 09 4236 944

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