Plage de Carras is a beach with an endless stretch of pebbles, shells and crystal-clear turquoise waters, and it's also friendly to people with disabilities. It's located at the western end of Nice's Promenade near the airport and offers a full range of amenities and facilities for everyone.

This beach tends to be quieter than most and features fewer surrounding features like restaurants and cafes than the more populous beaches do. Still, many beachgoers here enjoy bringing a picnic lunch to have right on the beach. Whether you're sunbathing or bathing, surfing or reading, it's a serene place to spend an afternoon.

Plage de Carras - one of the highlights of 10 Best Beaches in Nice (Read all about Nice here)

Highlights and features of Plage de Carras

Plage de Carras includes a number of features that make it attractive for families and couples. First, it tends to be less crowded than other beaches. It offers a beach volleyball court, and you can find plenty of companies ready and rearing to provide you with equipment for hire for a wide range of water sports.

The water is crystal clear and excellent for bathing, one of the primary popular activities here due to the calm surf and skilled lifesavers. Finally, the Cabane Bleu, a free little library, allows you to borrow books to read on the beach at no cost.

Good things to know about Plage de Carras

Plage de Carras is a well-equipped beach with facilities that are specifically designed to make the place friendly to those with all manner of disabilities. Specially adapted beach buggies are available to get people in and out of the sea, and an audio system connected to the buoys uses wristbands to help those with visual impairments to swim alone. 

Dogs are welcome in specially designated neighborhoods. A lifeguard is on duty, and showers and toilets can be found within 200 meters of the beach. A small free carpark can be found near the western end, and the bus stops right in front of the beach.

Plage de Carras

Location: 385 Prom. des Anglais, 06200 Nice, France