Plage Bonneveine, or Bonneveine Beach, is a stretch of beach extending for 500 meters and offering soft, fine, white sand with warm waters and tons of family-friendly fun. It's bordered by attractions like volleyball courts, skate parks and green space, so there's plenty of room to run and play or lay out and catch some rays.

The beach is a popular family destination and often hosts live entertainment in the evenings. The sand is ideal for sculpting, and you'll regularly see sandcastles dotting the shoreline, waiting for the tide to come in and wipe the slate clean once more.

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Highlights of Plage Bonneveine

Plage Bonneveine can offer plenty of fun and excitement or a full day of pure relaxation, whichever you like. In the summer, a lifeguard is on duty, making it safe for bathing. At the left end of the beach, a skate park is available for those who enjoy the sport, and the beach is also dotted with several beach volleyball courts.

Within an easy walk of the beach, you'll find a selection of local restaurants offering up the best in delectable eats in a range of choices, from easy takeout food to sit-down seafood establishments.

What to know about Plage Bonneveine

While the Plage Bonneveine is generally safe for bathing in the summer when lifesavers are on duty, there aren't lifesavers in the other seasons of the year. Parents should remain vigilant when their children playing in the surf. This family-friendly beach is popular and can get crowded at times.

It's about 15 minutes south of the city centre and can be reached easily by local public transportation with 3 bus routes and a Metro route all passing within easy walking distance. Onsite amenities include a shower and toilets. It's listed as disability accessible, but those who use wheelchairs may find the sand a bit of a challenge.


Plage Bonneveine