Parc du Mont Boron is a picturesque 57-hectare stretch of forest offering tree-shaded walking paths over the Cap de Nice with breathtaking views of the mountains, sea and city below. You can explore hundreds of varieties of natural Mediterranean plant life and escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

The park offers shaded picnic neighborhoods, pitches for boules matches, miles of walking trails and plenty of fresh air to enjoy outdoor adventures and get your exercise in. You can even visit the remains of a 16th-century military fort. It's a family-friendly leisure complex of unspoilt wilderness just minutes from the city centre.

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Highlights and features of Parc du Mont Boron

Parc du Mont Boron is an ideal place to go for your nature walk or outdoor adventure experiences. You can explore miles of wild olive and carob trees and meandering alleys of lush greenery and colorful natural flora.

You can bring the family or that special someone up here to get serene, panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the city below or the distant mountains. Enjoy a picnic lunch, throw a ball or do some lawn bowling while you're here. The ramparts of Alban Fort are a constant attraction for park visitors.

What you should know about Parc du Mont Boron

Parc du Mont Boron is completely pesticide-free and all-natural. The equipment and amenities include landscaped walking paths, picnic tables, pitches for boule games, plenty of space to play ball with the family, water fountains for drinking and a paid carpark.

If you want to visit the 16th-century Alban Fort, know that you can walk up to it and around it, but only guests on pre-booked tours are permitted to enter the fort, so plan ahead for that experience. While the park is disability friendly, those with mobility issues may find some difficulty on a few of the trails.

Parc du Mont Boron

Location: 4 Boulevard Maurice Maeterlinck, 06300 Nice, France

Open: 24/7