Le Vieux Port in Cannes is a picturesque, Provençal neighbourhood that offers rich architectural heritage, quaint cobblestone streets, shopping, dining, casino gaming and entertainment. This region first dates to the Roman Empire and offers easy access to Cannes' sunny beaches lined with golden sand and turquoise waters. You can go casino hopping and play slots, table games and enjoy live shows for days. Enjoy shopping or window shopping at luxury boutiques, or just take in the history that goes back to medieval times.

The excitement of Le Vieux Port is that it genuinely offers something for everyone. Whether you're a foodie looking for fresh seafood, you want haute couture or you want to ride a Ferris wheel and overlook the city, you'll find it all waiting here. From yacht races to romantic dinners for two, you can spend weeks here and not see all there is to see.

What are some highlights of Le Vieux Port?

Highlights of Le Vieux Port cover everything from daily entertainment to annual festivals and range from free sights to luxurious upscale shopping and dining. Every year, the port hosts a huge annual Yachting Festival. You'll find prestigious exhibits and presentations covering nearly 500 boats. You can also game, gamble and be entertained in the several casinos along the port.

Le Vieux Port is the gateway to the posh upscale shopping district of Cannes, where you can shop the hottest big-name fashion brands in boutique shops. It's also a foodie's paradise where you'll find fresh seafood dishes right off the boat. The Cannes Ferris Wheel arises every summer, offering panoramic views for miles around. Finally, for history buffs, you can visit the Castre Museum and walk along cobblestone streets lined with buildings dating to medieval times, including the Notre-Dame d'Espérance Church.

What is the history of Le Vieux Port?

The history of Le Vieux Port travels back thousands of years, beginning when the area was a fishing village and an important port of call between the Lerins Islands. The sea was originally occupied by Italians who used the port as a fishing and transportation lane. For 5 centuries, the Romans occupied the area, establishing an encampment on Le Suquet hill to defend the port. Even today, you can see evidence of Roman remains along the coast.

By the 12th century, Christian monks had taken over the area and had a castle overlooking the bay. The port was updated and the Notre-Dame Church arose just steps from the port. Not long after, fishers built their homes along the harbor. By the 19th century, the city had become a destination for wealthy Europeans, and the port became a pleasure hub, a legacy that remains to this day.

What else is good to know about Le Vieux Port?

The Port de Cannes offers full facilities and amenities for visitors. Free showers and lavatories are available and are handy for those visiting the beaches. The port also has free WiFi and electric bicycle hires. If you are driving a car rental or your own vehicle, you can easily find fuel stations.

Since most of the neighborhoods are flat, the port is largely accessible to people with disabilities. However, some of the medieval and earlier sites may not have accommodations in the interest of keeping them historically accurate. Wheelchair accessibility is quite common in more modern establishments like shops and restaurants. Just keep in mind that not all the modern buildings are as friendly to dogs as they are wheelchairs if you plan on bringing your pup along.

Le Vieux Port in Cannes

Location: Cannes, France