Honfleur has been immortalized in the paintings of the French Impressionists, and you don’t have to be a painter to relish the serene harbor and quaint cottages dotted throughout the area. One landmark which was painted by Monet himself is the Chapel of Notre-Dame de Grace.

    You can listen to the white pianola play in the Satie museum, which brings the musician’s surrealist fancies to life in a number of novel ways. Afterwards, drop by one of the tasteful, waterside cafes or restaurants, and bite into warm, soft crepes as you watch the sunset across the harbor.

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    • 10 Best Things to Do in Honfleur

      Honfleur’s cobbled streets, timbered houses and beautiful harbor all add to the rustic charm of the medieval town. Sitting on the quaint coast of Normandy, Honfleur is among the most picturesque places in France. Its rustic beauty has been immortalized in paintings by famous artists including Claude Monet, Eugene Boudin and Johan Jongkind. Even today, Honfleur’s slate-covered frontages and...

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    • 10 Best Restaurants in Honfleur

      The best restaurants in Honfleur take advantage of the town's charming harbor, medieval architecture, and picturesque ocean views. Located just 2 hours away from Paris, it's usually popular with travelers looking for old-world glam on the French coastline. With its numerous sailboats and vibrant cafes lined up along the waterfront, it’s no wonder Honfleur served as a muse for...

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