Croix des Gardes Forest Park in Cannes is a lavish green space overlooking the city with astounding views of the bay and the surrounding region with hiking and mountain peaks. This national park is an outstanding alternate to the crowded beaches and historic sites in the city and offers miles of trails that are ideal for hiking or cycling.

The park is located just 12 minutes north of the city centre. It's a good place to come to reconnect with nature and get away from the city's hustle and bustle for some quiet reflection and verdant surroundings marked by colorful wildflowers.

photo by Florian Pépellin (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

What are the highlights of Croix des Gardes Forest Park in Cannes?

Croix des Gardes Forest Park in Cannes offers a wide range of attractions from hiking trails to selfie ops and the chance to see wildlife. It's just ½ mile from the famed Croisette so it's easy to reach. Overall, you can enjoy more than 80 hectares of unspoiled nature, and the 12 miles of trails are marked by informational plaques so you can learn about the history.

The top of the Chemin du Belvédère leads to the top of a hill, which is a major highlight, marked by a giant cross with a heritage viewpoint.

What else is good to know about Croix des Gardes Forest Park in Cannes?

Croix des Gardes Forest Park in Cannes is easy to reach from the city, a great spot to get away for an hour before heading back into town for sightseeing. The trails are marked for easy hiking so inexperienced hikers shouldn't have a problem making their way around. Exploring all the trails can take a full day, so you'll need to plan your trip, whether it's a quick break from festivals and history or a full day of natural adventure.

The five trails are called Maquis, La Croix, Roquebillière, Brougham and Cèdre, each with its own view. You can also book free guided tours to be sure you see all the important parts.

Croix des Gardes Forest Park in Cannes

Location: 166 Bd Leader, 06400 Cannes, France

Open: 24/7