Santo Domingo is the historical capital city of the Dominican Republic and is both the largest and the oldest European settlement in the Americas. It wears its significant age as a badge of honor, with the Colonial Zone having earned UNESCO World Heritage status. Here, you can see Alcázar de Colón, Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor and Casa del Cordón – respectively the first castle and first cathedral and the oldest stone building still standing in the Americas. And that’s just a few of the highlights. 

    Of course, there’s more to Santo Domingo than just historical buildings. The city has a lively modern culture, with a special emphasis on the performing arts. There are plenty of places to go shopping and the nightlife is pretty active, especially in the well-developed center of the city. While not right on the beach, you certainly don’t have to go too far along the coast from Santo Domingo to find the brilliant white sands the Dominican Republic is best known for. 

    Where & what to eat in Santo Domingo

    • 10 Great Restaurants in Santo Domingo

      These great restaurants in Santo Domingo are mainstays in the city’s ever-evolving gastronomic scene. Dominican cuisine is a superb clash of flavors from around the world, with influences that stretch from Spain to Africa. To experience some of the country’s very best restaurants, you won’t be surprised to learn that the capital of Santo Domingo is teeming with options...

    Where to shop & what to buy in Santo Domingo

    • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Santo Domingo

      The best places to go shopping in Santo Domingo highlight the island’s comprehensive and diverse shopping scene. Beyond your typical souvenir shops, the capital of the Dominican Republic offers unique galleries with local art and jewelry made from larimar (a rare sky-blue gemstone) and amber. In Santo Domingo, you’ll find everything from modern malls with designer fashions and retailers...

    Where to go & what to do at night in Santo Domingo

    • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Santo Domingo

      After experiencing the best things to do after dinner in Santo Domingo, you will understand that there’s no better place in the Dominican Republic for evening adventures than the capital city. If you ask any of the locals, they’re sure to agree that Santo Domingo boasts an extensive array of evening entertainment. Whether you’re looking for open-air concerts or...

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