The world of travel has been through a lifetime’s worth of changes in the past few months (haven’t we all), but as life goes on and a glimmer of normalcy comes back into our lives, it’s worth thinking about travelling safely in a post-pandemic landscape.

Some of these tips are obvious, some less so, but we hope that this handy list will help to give you confidence and peace of mind on your next trip.

  • Wear a mask (and take more than you think you need)

    Safety over style

    Wear a mask (and take more than you think you need)

    Whatever your personal stance on wearing masks, it’s a good idea to wear one when travelling through all busy places, such as airports and train stations. With some countries now enforcing the wearing of masks as compulsory in certain places, you’ll want to take more masks than you think you’ll need – they’re easily lost, and you might even be able to help someone in need.

  • Book a domestic holiday to avoid flying

    Are we there yet?

    Book a domestic holiday to avoid flying

    If the idea of a prepping for an overseas trip seems more trouble than it’s worth, then look closer to home and enjoy the beauty found throughout Canada. There’s a lifetime’s worth of incredible experiences waiting to be discovered no more than a few hours' drive from your home.

    From the beautiful Okanagan Valley to scenic Banff – it's time to look again at what Canada has to offer.

  • You may need more than a passport to pass immigration

    Health certificates are the ‘new normal’ for many countries

    You may need more than a passport to pass immigration

    ‘Fit to Fly’ health certificates are needed for many destinations around the world and you need to sort it out before you arrive at your destination. The best source of information regarding flying regulations would be the relevant government immigration website – don’t rely on hearsay or travel blogs.

    For Canadians travelling abroad, we recommend this website:

  • Expect longer delays at immigration

    It’s for your own good

    Expect longer delays at immigration

    As governments around the world try to make sense of this new reality, we should expect some delays when travelling as people need to be properly checked to ensure everyone’s safety. This is important when transiting through countries or waiting to go through immigration – hold off booking any transport until you have your bags in hand.

  • Check your insurance carefully

    For your own peace of mind

    Check your insurance carefully

    Even if you think you’re fully covered with top-tier insurance, it’s highly advisable to check again. If one of your family has a fever and is denied entry, what does that mean for the rest of you? In some cases, it may be sensible to buy specific COVID-related travel insurance.

    It’s also worth paying close attention to international travel restrictions stipulated by certain countries. If you travel before restrictions are lifted, it may invalidate your insurance.

  • Head for the hills or the beach

    Go for nature destinations rather than city ones

    Head for the hills or the beach

    A nature break makes more sense these days. After months cooped up in your house, surely the idea of clean mountain air, hidden beaches, and wide-open landscapes is the stuff of dreams. You can safely maintain social distancing from bustling crowds and enjoy time with just you and your loved ones.

    As an alternative to a hotel stay, consider booking a vacation rental or even getting back to basics on a camping holiday.

  • Wipe down all luggage after every journey

    Especially handles and wheels!

    Wipe down all luggage after every journey

    Once your suitcase zips off on the conveyor belt at check-in, who knows how many people will handle it before you pick it up at your destination. That’s why it’s sensible to clean it with a disinfectant wipe once you get to your hotel. Focus specifically on the handles and wheels – the real dirt traps!

  • Wash your hands

    Cleanliness is next to godliness

    Wash your hands

    This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s worth making the point: wash your hands! Every time you get back to your room and especially before you eat, give them another wash. You don’t need us to explain how to do that, right?

  • Be flexible and grab the bargains

    Many hotels are offering huge discounts to lure people back

    Be flexible and grab the bargains

    If you’re longing for a well-deserved dose of soft sand and swaying palms, keep your options open and browse different destinations because there are some remarkable bargains to be had on accommodation these days. Many places around the world have the holy trinity of sun, sea, and sand in abundance so it pays to be flexible.

  • Avoid unnecessary crowds

    Use your common sense

    Avoid unnecessary crowds

    Even though the rules and regulations have relaxed, it’s still better to proceed with caution. If you’re on the beach, choose a secluded patch and try to hold off eating lunch until a little after lunchtime instead of bang on 12 noon, when the restaurants will be busiest. If you’re travelling through the city, don’t take public transport at rush hours.

  • …and Don’t forget the hand sanitizer

    Alcohol gels and sprays should be always at the ready

    …and Don’t forget the hand sanitizer

    After opening door handles or handling cash, it makes sense to clean your hands with hand sanitizer (if you can’t wash using hot water and soap) when you’re out and about.

    If you’re taking a flight, remember to buy a travel size bottle as the 100 ml liquid rule is still in force.