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Hotels in Santa Maria di Sala, Italy

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Best hotels in Santa Maria di Sala

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If you want to explore the beauty of Venice and be away from the hectic center of the city itself, there is no better place to stay than the lovely town of Santa Maria di Sala. has partnered with the best Santa Maria di Sala hotels, providing you with a selection of different accommodation options. There are choices for romantic couples, family hotels and affordable options for solo travellers. Each listing includes reviews by other visitors as well as location maps and photographs of the rooms that you might be staying in. Learn about useful facilities like free cribs for babies as well as any extra fees that you might have to pay. We make everything transparent and simple. So take the stress out of finding accommodation near Venice and secure discounts by booking Santa Maria di Sala hotels today.

What's Santa Maria di Sala Like?

The Veneto region is filled with charismatic little towns that have great places to stay, wonderful food and some nice architectural sights as well - and Santa Maria di Sala is certainly one of the best. The centerpiece of the town is the sumptuous Villa Farsetti, with its spacious grounds and elegant fountains. As well as being a great place to visit, the Villa also hosts regular concerts during the summer. There are also plenty of towns worth visiting in the area such as Mirano (known as the "park of Venice") which is filled with gorgeous villas. Then there is Venice itself. From Santa Maria di Sala hotels you can easily get to the lagoon and the major sights. Hop on a river taxi to see the famous canals or gape in awe at the paintings in the Gallerie dell'Accademia.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Santa Maria di Sala

The Veneto region has been welcoming visitors from all over Europe for centuries. For a long time, the Venetian Republic was an important trading power in the Mediterranean, and it imported artistic talent from the whole of Europe. Join in the flow and expect a warm welcome whenever you visit. The locals in Santa Maria di Sala love to attend the summer concerts at the Villa Farsetti. They also put on regular events to showcase the culture and products of their region. For example, wine lovers can head to nearby Treviso in spring to the Primavera Festival where delicious, local Prosecco takes center stage. There will always be something great to enjoy when you head to Santa Maria di Sala with