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Finding a great hotel in Roques is easy when you book via We have put together a great list of Roques hotels for you to choose from and have made searching through the listings easier than ever. Find something tourist-friendly, family-friendly, out of the way or romantic, luxurious or perfect for those on a tight budget. At, we are well aware that having plenty of information about your hotel really helps you to book with peace of mind, so we ensure that all of our Roques hotels feature pictures that show you what the rooms, communal spaces, and exterior of the hotels look like. In addition, operates a certified user reviewing program, so you can take a look at reviews written by other people who have been guests at your chosen hotel and gain an insight into what your experience there will be like. With its idyllic lush valleys and amazing climate, Roques is a paradise for lovers of fine wines and natural beauty.

What's Roques like?

Roques is situated in the gorgeous Gers region of southwestern France, and enjoys a very sunny climate. One of the best things about Roques is its views. It is situated on a ridge high up above the surrounding countryside, and so is the ideal destination for keen photographers. There are plenty of great hiking trails and picnicking spots around Roques as well. When it comes to culture, wine and food are big parts of local life. Why not try some local grape varieties, such as Ugni-Blanc and Colombard (both white wines) when you are enjoying a meal in Roques? The climate in Gers is typical of southern France, featuring plenty of sunshine and warm weather and very little rain - ideal for exploring outdoors.

How to get along with locals in Roques

Brushing up on just a few aspects of French etiquette will go a long when when you pay a visit to Roques. Particularly etiquette to do with eating and drinking, as the Gers region has plenty of rich Gascon cuisine for you to try. Local delicacies include foie gras, and a hearty meat soup known as gabure. This is also the region where Armanac brandy was first invented so make sure to try a glass or two after your meal out in Gers. At, we are experts in everything about Roques, from its culture and customs to its food and wine. That is why we were able to bring you such an amazing range of Roques hotels to choose from in preparation for your upcoming stay.