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Hotels in Chaumont, France

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Best hotels in Chaumont

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If you want to experience an authentically French destination, few towns are as ideal as Chaumont in the Haute-Marne region. From the typical cathedral to the patisseries of the city center, Chaumont offers great food, sights and fine accommodation for all who visit. At we have collected information about all of the best Chaumont hotels - from the smallest family-run establishments to luxury options. Each one has been reviewed by our customers, so that you can get an accurate picture of what to expect. Check out location maps to ensure that you are close to transport links, and see photographs of hotel rooms as well. We try to provide travelers with everything they need to make the right accommodation decisions. So book with us and travel in confidence. You can even secure great discounts if you book early.

What's Chaumont Like?

Chaumont is a small market town in the northeastern France, not far from major cities like Troyes or Nancy. The main attraction in Chaumont is the architecture of the city center. Overlooked by the grandeur of the city cathedral, the center of town is filled with narrow winding streets, restaurants, and craft shops. There are also some fascinating museums, such as the quirky Museum of the Crib, which contains a huge collection of children's cribs, along with the Museum of Art and History, which provides visitors with the history of the town. There are plenty of places to visit in the Haute Marne region as well - from the Charles de Gaulle memorial to beautiful villages like Colombey-les-deux-Eglises. There is also the chance to sample some of the world's best champagne. So celebrate with a glass at the perfect hotel in Chaumont with the help of

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Chaumont

Chaumont may not be the most famous tourist destination in France, but it has some of the most hospitable people. Locals will be ready with plenty of suggestions about how to spend your time if you just ask, so take their advice and head to eateries or attractions that are off the beaten track. A tour of the champagne producers of the region is a must, and you can book visits via your concierge. The river valley also offers everything from kayaking to fishing, while there are also some excellent golf courses in the area. Locals might also be able to tell you when live music events hit the town, as there are live jazz venues in the town center. Explore Chaumont with and you will feel like a local in no time.