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Hotels in Batam, Indonesia

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Best hotels in Batam

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Finding your dream hotel room in Batam is as easy as can be when you book via Our team of experts in Indonesian travel have scoured Batam for all of the best accommodation options in the region. The result is this selection of Batam hotels for you to browse. You will find hotels to appeal to you here no matter what your budget, holiday plans, and group size. When you book with, you also have the advantage of being able to take a look at photos of all of our Batam hotels before you book. In addition, we run a certified user reviewing program, which enables you to check out what other people who have stayed at your chosen hotel thought of the experience. Famous for its gorgeous beaches and splendid buildings alike, Batam is a great choice for a vacation destination.

What's Batam like?

Batam is home to some amazing sunny beaches, where you can sunbathe, sail or scuba dive to your heart's content. There is also a wealth of natural beauty further inland, too, with the city's elegant botanic gardens. If architecture is your thing, then be sure to pay a visit to Batam's colorful and magnificent Great Mosque. Driving along the iconic Barelang Bridge is also highly recommended. From crispy fish balls to aromatic curries, Indonesian cuisine is one of the richest and most varied culinary traditions in the world. There are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy an unforgettable meal in Batam, with freshly caught and prepared fish being a particular speciality in this coastal region of the country.

How to get along with locals in Batam

Learn a few phrases in Indonesian to help smooth over those transactions as you check in to your hotel or order a meal in a restaurant. Knowing how to get around in Batam is also an advantage. The city has its own monorail, for instance, as well as a local ferry port which will take you over to Singapore or Bintam. If you like, you can also use the network of public buses, known as 'Trans Batam'. Mastering some basic Indonesian etiquette is a good idea, such as saying 'salam' as you shake hands, and proffering your right rather than your left hand when you greet someone or reach to take food from the table. At, we are experts in all aspects of travel to Batam, and we put our extensive knowledge to good use when it came to creating a great selection of Batam hotels for our site.