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Hotels in Jounieh, Lebanon

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Best hotels in Jounieh

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It is as easy as can be to find the perfect place to stay in Jounieh when you book via Our experts in world travel have put together a fantastic list of the best Jounieh hotels for you to browse. There is something for everyone here; regardless of your budget or how many people you are traveling with, our selection of accommodation options in Jounieh has lots of hotels that will inspire you. We know that it is much better when you have all of the information you need about your hotel before you book, so we provide you with photographs of all of our Jounieh hotels. We also operate a trusted user reviewing program, which enables you to see reviews and ratings written by other people who have stayed at each of our hotels in Jounieh before you. Combining the natural beauty of the seaside with a vibrant night life and a fascinating old town, Jounieh has something to offer every type of traveler.

What's Jounieh Like?

Jounieh is famous for its gorgeous coastline, and whether you want to promenade along beside the sea or sail and surf, you will have a great time here. Further inland, be sure to visit the ancient Souk, where you can enjoy an afternoon of browsing or haggling. Hitch a ride on the Telepherique, which is a cable car that whisks you high above the city and over to Harissa. Culture lovers will enjoy visiting the amazing Lebanese Heritage Museum in Jounieh, whilst those with money to burn should think about checking out the city's famous Casino, the Casino du Liban.

How to Get Along with Locals in Jounieh

Arabic is the official language of Lebanon, however you will also hear French and English being widely spoken as around 40% of the population are francophone and around 30% speak English. Grilled meats and vegetables are staples of Lebanese cuisine, and as Jounieh is on the coast, you should make sure to try some freshly caught and cooked seafood. A spicy octopus dish, known as Samkeh Harra and Akhtabout, often served together with some nuts, is a particular delicacy along the coastline from Beirut to Jounieh. So why not try this when you visit a restaurant? At, we have so much local knowledge about all aspects of life in Jounieh, which makes us wonderfully well placed to bring you the best suggestions for Jounieh hotels to stay in during your trip to this fabulous coastal city in Lebanon. So make sure you book your hotel today!