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What to see and do in Oahu - a guide to the main attractions

Home to the majority of the population, Oahu is as diverse as the people that inhabit it. The five main regions each add their own personality to the island, and it’s the mix of old traditions, rich history and new development that draws so many visitors every year. Although hiring a rental car is advised in order to make the most out of the scenic drives around the island, many choose to visit the main attractions by the efficient transport systems that includes tourist and local buses, and the trolley which offers an unlimited day pass to most of the large attractions in Oahu. The most concentrated areas for attractions are Central Oahu and Honolulu, and the rugged coasts provide great opportunities for those wishing to dive into the natural beauty of the island. 

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Where to stay in Oahu - a regional guide

The main regions that make up the island of Oahu each boast their own unique selling points that attract visitors of all ages and interests. From the bustling and world-famous Waikiki, to the natural beauty of the Leeward coast you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing accommodation on the island. With short distances between each of the regions, day trips to main attractions are a great way to explore outside of your chosen base. 

Oahu shopping guide - where to shop and what to buy

Oahu is a shopper’s delight, with large malls, premium outlet stores, boutiques and markets to be found throughout the island. From the larger shopping centers to the relaxed coastal town boutiques, visitors will be spoilt for choice at the choice of goods available, and can also enjoy having a huge variety of eateries to relax in after flexing their credit cards.

Where to eat in Oahu - a guide to eating out

Visitors will be spoilt for choice with the diverse range of restaurants and cafes in Oahu. With the ‘Farm to table’ movement flourishing within local eateries, and top Hawaiian chefs adopting the ‘Hawaiian Regional Cuisine’ style of fusing traditional recipes with worldwide cuisines you’ll be sure to encounter a taste sensation on every corner. There are also many smaller cafes serving deliciously fresh seafood and light bites, perfect for lunch or a casual dinner.

An Oahu island guide - natural beauty, modern luxury and the best surf spots

Welcome to the island of Oahu, a charming mix of ancient beauty spots dotted along a rugged coastline, a vibrant art and music scene, and home to arguably the best surf spots in Hawaii. Take a historical pilgrimage to Pearl Harbor, browse the boutiques and beach-front eateries of Waikiki, and spot green sea turtles at the popular Hanauma Bay. 

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