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Art, Native American Crafts, Jewelry, and More - A Guide to Shopping in Santa Fe

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Shopping for art is one of the main activities in Santa Fe. Contemporary paintings and sculpture, Native American pottery, and other handcrafted pieces are plentiful. Turquoise and silver jewelry is ubiquitous - you'll be overwhelmed by the variety, with prices to suit every budget. You'll also find Southwestern clothing and home accessories. Don't forget to take home some dried chiles to spice up your cooking.

Jewelry and galleries around the Plaza


The Plaza and the area around it are perfect for shopping. You'll find souvenir stores where you can buy Southwestern clothing and home accessories. But the main attraction is jewelry. Booths in the Plaza offer artisanal pieces, and Native Americans from the area sell their silver and turquoise work under the canopy of the Palace of the Governors. Upscale stores like Patina Gallery and Jett Gallery offer gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, and rings inlaid with turquoise and other semiprecious materials like onyx, lapis, and mother-of-pearl.


  • Patina Gallery, 131 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe 87501; Tel: +1 505 986 3432; Website: Patina Gallery

  • Jett Gallery, 110 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe 87501; Tel: +1 505 988 1414; Website: Jett Gallery

Fine art and bargain hunting in the Railyard District


A few blocks south of the Plaza is the revamped Railyard District. The area is peppered with art galleries offering paintings, sculptures, photographs, and pottery. Charlotte Jackson Fine Art has a good collection of paintings and sculpture. Several jewelers sell the classic silver and turquoise pieces characteristic of the area. There are also shops selling Southwestern clothing, blankets, and decorative items, and some open-air stands where you can choose your stones and beads to make your own jewelry. Double Take at the Ranch is a good place for bargain hunters.


  • Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, 554 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe 87501; Tel: +1 505 989 8688; Website: Charlotte Jackson Fine Art

  • Double Take at the Ranch, 320 Aztec Street, Santa Fe 87501; Tel: +1 505 989 8886; Website: Double Take at the Ranch


Shopping on Canyon Road


Canyon Road concentrates a fine selection of art galleries in just a few blocks. This charming neighborhood is full of local color and a pleasure to stroll through. You'll find an abundance of artworks in a variety of media, in galleries like Bellas Artes Gallery and Morning Star Gallery. Sculptures, especially kinetic pieces that move with the wind, are also plentiful. Some galleries also have sell photographs. Most work is contemporary in style, produced by local, national, and international artists. There are a couple of cafés, a teahouse, and some restaurants when you need a break.


  • Bellas Artes Gallery, 653 Canyon Road, Santa Fe 87501 ; Tel: +1 505 983 2745; Website: Bellas Artes Gallery

  • Morning Star Gallery, 513 Canyon Road, Santa Fe 87501; Tel: +1 505 982 8187; Website: Morning Star Gallery


Museum Hill gift shops


The museums on Museum Hill, a couple of miles from downtown, have great gift shops that are well worth a visit. If you're looking for a special piece of jewelry or Native American pottery and art, check out the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. The Museum of International Folk Art sells clothing and accessories, and has a colorful selection of trinkets and crafts from all over the world. Items are very reasonably priced, and proceeds are used to maintain and expand the museum's collections.



Flea market and fashion outlet


About 15 minutes by car from downtown Santa Fe you'll find the flea market at Tesuque. It has a huge range of wares, which usually include a good selection of Native American products, silver and turquoise jewelry, and clothing. If you're looking for name brands at discounted prices, you can check out Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe, some 20 minutes north of downtown. Although the only outlet mall in New Mexico, it's not very big, but several major brands are represented.


  • Tesuque Flea Market, 15 Flea Market Road, Santa Fe 87506; Tel: +1 505 670 2599; Website: Tesuque Flea Market

  • Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe, 8380 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe 87507; Tel: +1 505 474 4000; Website: Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe