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Top 15 Fun Facts About New Orleans

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Located in the state of Louisiana, New Orleans is the largest city and metropolitan area of the state, as well as one of the United States' biggest ports. The city was named after the well-known Duke of Orleans, and it is famous all around the world for its distinct and unique architectural style that encompasses French and Spanish elements.
Here are some great fun facts about New Orleans:


1. New Orleans Is Known To Be The Place Where Voodoo Was Introduced Into The US. Spooky! One of the most prominent figures of New Orleans was Marie Laveau, an oracle who performed numerous exorcisms and voodoo rituals and who became widely known as the Voodoo Queen back in the 1800s.


2. New Orleans And The Surrounding Areas Were Sold To Napoleon At the beginning of the 19th century, both New Orleans and all the surrounding areas were sold to Napoleon Bonaparte during what was known as the Louisiana Purchase. This is one of the reasons why the city became one of the most important multicultural areas in the United States.


3. The City Has The Highest Number Of Historic Districts According to the National Register, New Orleans has no less than 20 historic districts, more than other cities in the US.


4. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Is Located Here New Orleans is home to the longest continuous bridge in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records - Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.


5. The New Orleans Superdome The Superdome is called like that for a reason - it is the largest enclosed arena in the world.


6. The Home Of Poker Gambling fans should know that New Orleans is widely considered to be the birthplace of both poker and craps!


7. The Creole Cuisine If there is one thing the New Orleans is famous for in terms of gastronomy, that is certainly the Creole Cuisine! Jambalaya and King cake to die for!


8. New Orleans Is The Place Where Jazz Was Born This is the place where Jazz was born, along with two other music genres related to it - rock and roll and blues.


9. This Is Where The Mardi Gras Parade Is Held Most people regard New Orleans as the home of the Mardi Gras festival, but the truth is that the parade originates in the city of Mobile, Alabama.


10. The First Opera Was Performed Here The first opera in the United States of America was performed in the 1790s in New Orleans.


11. The City is Famous For The Beignets The beignets are New Orleans' signature sweet, and they are made from deep fried dough sprinkled with sugar.


12. It Is Known As The Most Haunted City In America New Orleans is often the preferred destination for paranormal investigators as well as tourists who are passionate about ghost haunting, and it is believed to be the place with the highest spiritual activity in the US, especially around the French Quarter where Marie Laveau used to live.


13. This Is Where Some Notable Personalities Were Born New Orleans is the birthplace of famous singers like Louis Armstrong, writers like Truman Capote as well as TV personalities like Reese Whiterspoon and Ellen DeGeneres.


14. The Tombs Are Above Ground One interesting fact about New Orleans is that the tombs are located above the ground in cemeteries, given the high water table in the area.


15. The City Was Initially Created As A Shelter From Hurricanes Founded at the beginning of the 18th century, New Orleans was believed to be safe from hurricanes and it was initially built in a rectangle block (now known as the French Quarter).


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