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Top 3 best vineyards in Radda in Chianti

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In the world of wines, Chianti needs no introduction. Respected and adored by people all over the world, this wine has acquired a strong name for itself due to its radiant fragrance and finesse. But where and how is Chianti made?
Radda in Chianti is a delightful little medieval town in the Italian Province of Siena, in the region of Tuscany. Historically, Radda has been one of the first Italian settlements where Chianti was made during the Middle Ages, along with sister villages Gaiole and Castellina which formed the Lega del Chianti (the League of Chianti). After an agitated history in the 13th 14th century, full of battles for territory between the local towns of Florence and Sienna, the area is nowadays very peaceful and many people enjoy visiting it for a taste of the local Chianti wines. Nowadays, Radda in Chianti is a small, rural settlement with less than 2000 inhabitants. Life here is relaxing and simple, yet exciting and fulfilling. The local agriculture revolves around Mediterranean products including vegetables, olives and, of course, grapes. Work in a typical winery is focused on tending to the vines, harvesting the grapes, making and depositing the wines.

Castello Monterinaldi


The Castello Monterinaldi offers an exquisite experience as part of their tour. You can visit the wine cellar and learn about how Chiantis are made, after which you can take part in a veritable wine tasting. You can choose to complement the tour with a snack or lunch, including the finest local salami, prosciutto, cheeses, olive oil and other products and dishes representative of this place. The place also offers other exciting activities including a hike in the region, a cooking class with the local chef and a class for wine making and tasting, where the chief wine maker will teach you some of the secrets of the trade. You can even arrange to have a few bottles of your own creation sent to your home.

Borgo la Stella


Borgo la Stella take pride in their local philosophy to bring as little artificial intervention as possible into the wine making process. This includes using fewer additives, which emphasizes the natural qualities of the wine. They use classical cultivation techniques, using little industrial equipment, focusing on growing balanced plants with good foliage and just the right amount of tannins in the grape skins. The place would best be visited in summer and early autumn. You can get a taste of the local cuisine at the winery's restaurant and, of course, arrange a tasting of their exquisite Chianti wines.

Val delle Corti


Val delle Corti is another great choice for getting a taste of Radda in Chianti and the famous local wines. The place offers a wonderful retreat from the daily chores, offering excellent boarding for both couples and families. The current establishment was founded in 1971 by Roberto Bianchi, with the hopes of breathing new life into the agritourism practices of the area. By visiting Val delle Corti, you can experience a wonderful, traditional rendition of the local champion in wines, the Chianti Classico, made from the prized grapes that are cultivated here each year.


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