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15 Fun Facts About Finland Travel

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Finland is a Nordic country found in Northern Europe. It is not as well known as its Scandinavian neighbours, but it has a colourful history and is full of culture. The country has some laws that are considered quirky, and others that make it seem the most sensible country in the world. Here are just a few weird and wonderful facts about this great country.
1. Finland created a National Failure Day in 2010, (to learn from mistakes and not repeat them).


2. They drink more coffee per person than anyone else in the world, (12 kg per year).


3. They host a whole bunch of odd competitions, including wife carrying, mobile phone throwing, air guitar and boot throwing.


4. There are no payphones here, (it's the home of Nokia).


5. They've given up on the 2 and 3 cent coins (too fiddly?).


6. Finland has been ranked number 1 in the world for education.


7. Traffic violation fines depend on how much you earn, in 2002 a man was fined 116,000EUR (he had a yearly income of 7 million)


8. It is the norm to have a sauna in your house...


9. ..and to jump in a lake after you've had one, even in the winter.


10. In June and July, the sun doesn't drop below the horizon.


11. In the winter, the sun never reaches the horizon.


12. You can hire igloos to stay in if you don't fancy the Helsinki hotels, when the temperature is -30ºc outside, they stay at a balmy -3ºc.


13. You must keep the head lights on in the car, even during the day. 14. It has the least corrupt government in the word (according to 2012 statistics)


15. Finland has the most heavy metal bands, with 53 per 100 000 people.


So there it is, proof that Finland is at times down right crazy, yet probably the best place to live ever. What's not to like? For a place that cold, they have some warm hearted people.

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