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Why Shakespeare Set His Plays In Italy

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William Shakespeare is regarded as one of the greatest English poets as well as playwrights of all time. Although known throughout the world, most of William Shakespeare's plays have been set in Italy for quite a number of reasons. These plays include; the Merchant of Venice in Venice and Taming of the Shrew in Padua.
Most of Shakespeare's plays were mostly derived from various roman historians like Tacitus. Furthermore, most of the Italian story tellers enjoyed massive popularity in England at that time including Ariosto. This led to a lot of their stories being translated into French as well as English.


The nature of each of Shakespeare's plays was also a major contributor to most of them being set in Italy. In those days, Italy was known to have very devious and sophisticated people which went well with comedies amongst other types of plays like tragedies and histories that depended mainly on things like deception and even sexual passion to run the plot of the plays.


Furthermore, the Italians were popularly known for their violence and also for their passion which easily mesmerised the English population. This charismatic component associated with the Italians was of great necessity at the time. William Shakespeare also featured most of his plays in Italy, as it was a foreign country which provided a great foreign backdrop for them. He believed that this would make the plays more exotic hence help the audience to fully understand the true story behind them.


In addition to that, some of William Shakespeare's were deemed too political; criticising very powerful leaders. This would have caused serious problems for him such as prosecution and even imprisonment. Furthermore, the plays themselves would have been banned due to censorship. Setting those plays in a foreign country like Italy provided Shakespeare the protection he needed to express himself on any aspect he desired. Let's call it a good camouflage strategy.


The works of art of one William Shakespeare have greatly marveled many literature lovers all around the world, capturing the complete range of human emotion and mystery. They enjoy great popularity from people of all ages; both the young and the old.


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