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Surf Lessons in Versilia, Italy

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The Versilia celebrity resort is full with wild surfers. Want to know more?


Versilia is a zone in Tuscany, which owes its name to the Versilia River, along which this part of the Lucca province is built. The Versilia is known as a popular high-end resort for famous people and local celebrities. Filled with excitement and luxurious hotels, this region also hosts many different surfing events such as the internationally famous and renowned Versilia Surf Trophy in Viareggio as well as the classes in the Forte dei Marmi.


A lot of the cities in and around the zone are providing surfing lessons for beginners as well as for advanced surfers. This is the result of the 33-year-old interest in this sport in the entire Tuscan region. History says that, due to the lack of real instructors in the 1980s, the local surfers thought of their own methods and style based on experience and learning on the spot. Nevertheless, there are some incredible surf lessons in Versilia, Italy. Every bigger resort city has a surfing school and many smaller ones are easy to spot all over the region.


Now, nearly four decades later, there are as many schools as there are people willing to take on the board. With the ten most popular schools being on a walking distance from the waves, practicing the moves and abilities on the board is nothing but a walk in the park. For the beginners, there are able and licensed tutors and instructors making group sessions as well as individual, depending on how much the client is willing to spend.


Finding good surf lessons in Versilia, Italy is an easy task, but the difficult one comes when you have to book a hotel. Naturally, they are all busy in the hot days, but there are also less waves at that time. If you're able to walk a bit, you can find a cheaper smaller hotel, but keep in mind that these parts of Tuscany are famous for the Italian Riviera, the bars and clubs and the expensive restaurant as well as the famous customers and visitors.


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