Why Everyone Loves Cinque Terre

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Do you fancy experiencing breathtaking views and exploring the quaintness of a series of villages? Then Cinque Terre will offer this and much more.
Cinque Terre is a lovely series of villages that cling to the remote expanse of the Riviera shoreline. These five villages from North to South are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The Cinque Terre has been the National Park of Italy and is a UNESCO protected territory since 1997. So why did we visit this lovely place? Cinque Terre not only keeps the promise of beautiful footpaths with fantastic views, the sea, sanctuaries, churches, oratories, but we had the chance to indulge in the quality foods and wine on offer. Here is a closer look at some of the hidden gems in the five villages.



This village is divided into two, and we were taken through a tunnel into a mesh of colourful homes and an uncongested beach. We set camp and explored the region and the sea through the local diving outfitters. Better yet, the vineyards were spectacular, and we were able to quench our travel thirst.



Corniglia sits conceitedly on a hilltop where you can get drunk with the spectacular view. To reach this village we had to climb around 382 stairs. Being the smallest but the highest village in Cinque Terre it did not disappoint in its attractions. The 'Guvano' nudist beach, the Oratory of Flagellants, and the remains of the Genovese fortifications provided a panoramic view.



Vernazza was the best place to sleep and relax while enjoying the culinary treats with a mix of traditional Mediterranean and Italian cultural aspects. The vineyard terraces, a ruined castle, and the Palazzo with porches were some of the spectacular sights we enjoyed.

Monterosso al Mare


This is the largest village with the largest beach. We were able to swim and visit the impressive ruins of the old castle, the towers, and explore the remnants of a huge concrete statue at the end of the beach. The oratories and the Capuchin Monastery were very pleasing to the eyes.



This is the urban jewel of Cinque Terre due to its romantic and charming nature. Facing the sea, we found picturesque multicoloured houses and seafood restaurants. We could not help but enjoy some good deep-water swimming. A must see attraction is the white cemented pyramid that acts as the navigational reference point for people at sea. Cinque Terre is one of the most sought after tourist destinations. The villages offer amazing sights, food, wine, walking trails and sparkly beaches.


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