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How To Write An Awesome Hotel Review

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Want to know how to write a top-notch hotel review? Read on...
Nowadays, reviews a de rigeur. There are pages and pages of websites dedicated just to reviews. Most businesses now have a webpage where you can send them your review direct. There are even websites devoted to reviewing reviews! One thing that everybody loves to review is hotels. Only a lucky few will get to review hotels for a living, but anybody who's anybody reviews every hotel they stay at, either for the hotel's own website or just for their friends and family. If you've had a good experience why not share it? If you've never written a hotel review before it can be quite daunting, but we're here to share our top tips...

Be descriptive


When you write your hotel review, don't just say the hotel was nice - say what was nice about it. If you liked the design of the hotel, tell your reader more about it. Was the decor modern or classic? What was the colour scheme? What sort of art did they have on the walls. Similarly, if you enjoyed the food, include as much detail as possible, and try to be creative with your language. Perhaps the chicken was "succulent", the chips were "perfectly crisp" or the chocolate dessert just "melted in the mouth" - try to read some other reviews for inspiration and get an idea of the type of descriptive language used.

Be informative


To write an awesome hotel review you need to inform as well as entertain. Think about practical considerations - is the hotel very far from the areas main atttractions, for example? Then it may not be ideal for people who have trouble walking long distances.

Be honest - but don't get sued


Hotels are starting to bite back against negative reviews - a hotelier in the UK even sued a guest who left a particularly scathing review online. It's important to be honest about your experience, but don't be libellous; i.e, don't say anything that could seriously damage an person's reputation, and that you can't back up. Most importantly though - have fun!


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