Tips for visiting Santa Marinella

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It’s a well-known fact that there is an abundance of attractions and sightseeing venues to take advantage of when you visit the city of Rome. Many forget that the spectacular Roman beaches just outside the city are only a train ride from the crowds and noise. However, if you are looking for a more unique experience in Rome, taking the train to the village of Santa Marinella will reward you with a day at the beach and some excellent seafood that you are unlikely to forget.
There are numerous seaside towns and villages dotting the Italian coastline and Santa Marinella is one not to be missed. Depending on which one of Rome’s train stations your hotel is closest to, you can begin the day by departing from San Pietro, Trastevere or Termini. Be sure to check the departure times but there is usually a train every hour. Round trip tickets normally cost just under $9 (€7).


It only takes between 30 to 40 minutes to arrive in the town of Santa Marinella and once you get off the train, walk down the only street that leads out of the station and take it into town. When you arrive at the intersection a few yards down the street, you have some decisions to make. If you turn right, you will come to some stairs that will take you right down to the beach.


If you are planning to have a picnic by the beach, keep going and you'll get to the supermarket in Santa Marinella where you can buy some of that delicious Italian prosciutto, bread, fruit and whatever takes your fancy. If on the other hand you wish to be seated and served, make a right turn and head down the Via Aurelia where you will find Tavola Azzurra 2. Here you can sample great seafood as well as more traditional Italian dishes and pizza by the slice.


Sitting outside is preferable for obvious reasons (the inside leaves a lot to the imagination!), so you can tantalize your taste-buds on the fabulous entrées and white wine which are beyond compare. If you arrive in the town without much of plan other than a nice day out, let the friendly locals give you some advice.