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Shopping Malls in Venice

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Venice is also an excellent shopping destination as well, but unlike other larger European cities, what Venetians consider shopping malls are more like street markets and other types of shopping venues. Here are some tips.
With its architecture, culture, cuisine, history, and waterways, Venice is one of Italy’s most interesting and beautiful cities, if not in the entire European continent. It is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and today it looks much the same way that it did over 6 centuries ago.

Primary Shopping Venues

Regardless, you can still find an abundance of different consumer items and outstanding values in the process. Here are some ideas for some of the better shopping venues in the city of Venice: Piazza San Marco – by far, this is the place to shop for all the top name brands so if you were thinking that this wouldn’t be an option in Venice, you might want to think again. You can find brand names such as Armani, Gucci, Prada, and Versace as well as a number of other big name brands. Calle della Mandola and Campo Santo Stefano – another two of the better shopping venues despite the lack of big name brands like what you will find in the Piazza San Marco. There are less famous, local boutiques located in these two areas but the quality of the items offered is nothing short of excellent. The main items featured here are clothes, handbags, shoes, and wallets. San Maurizio and Santa Maria Zobenigo – the two best venues in Venice for finding some outstanding antiques at outstanding values. There are numerous merchants that you can find here who offer all types of artifacts and other objects from eras gone by. Another plus to this area is the different annual antique fairs that are held here.

Venice Shopping Tips

Every major tourist destination in the world always features its fair share of shopping opportunities and Venice is no exception to that rule. There are numerous shopping venues to satisfy every tourist taste from the family owned souvenir venues to the local area boutiques. Whether you are looking for antiques, clothing, fashion accessories, fresh foods, or souvenirs, there is something here for everyone.


The following is a list of 5 need-to-know shopping tips whenever you are vacationing and shopping in Venice:
  • -The majority of the shops in Venice open at 9 am and don’t close until 8 pm.
  • -1 pm to 3 pm lunch breaks are very common in the local stores, especially the smaller ones.
  • -With the exception of the supermarkets in the city, there are only a few stores that open on Sundays.
  • -If you don’t like the crowds, don’t go shopping in the evening hours.
  • -Until you know what the approximate value of any item you are considering is, don’t open up your wallet because they will charge tourists more.