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Top 5 Local Dishes in Athens

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We’ve chosen the top 5 local dishes in Athens that you should be sure to sample whenever you are vacationing in the capital city of Greece. We also listed a few other side dishes to consider complimenting your meal with.
Although everyone loves to eat, this is especially the case with the Greeks in Athens. Unlike some of the spicier foods of the world, none of the local Athens dishes are so “hot” that you can’t eat them.


Believe it or not, most of the seasonings used in Greek dishes are no different from the ones in your spice rack or on your spice shelf. Another benefit is that the Greeks consistently use olive oil where oil is required unlike the unhealthy oils that wreak havoc on our circulatory systems and hearts.


Keftedes - deep-fried meatballs that come in several varieties depending on what part of the city or the country you are in. These include Psarokeftedes which are made with fish, Santorini which are made from Tomatoes, Sifnos which are made from chickpeas, and Tirokeftedes which are made with cheese.


Melitzana Salata - eggplant salad. This is similar to Babaganoush, which is a salad that is made in the Middle East and eaten on bread. Mousaka – It is baked and similar to eggplant parmesan but without as much tomato sauce. The dish contains cinnamon, eggplant, ground beef, onions, oil, potatoes, and a butter, flour, and milk topping.


Pastitsio – It is just like Lasagna but not as saucy. The dish consists of layered noodles, meat, tomato sauce, and toppings that are similar to mousaka but not quite as dense.


Stifado – It is a stew that is made with lots of small onions, tomatoes and with lamb, octopus, or rabbit. Although these are our top 5 picks where the primary dishes in Athens are concerned, we’re sure that you may find others that are just as tasty and well worth trying. Additionally, you might want to consider the following pies, salads, and other side dishes to accompany and compliment any of the meals above.




Capari Salata - caper salad Choriatiki Salata – commonly call a Greek Salad in America, except this salad is not served with lettuce


Lakanika - cabbage salad


Tiro Salata - cheese salad




Kreatopita - meat pie


Spanakopita - spinach pie Tiropita - cheese pie


Other sides to consider:


Briam - roasted vegetables made using eggplant, garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and zucchini


Kolokithikia - boiled zucchini that is seasoned with lemon, oil and sometimes vinegar


Patates Tiganites – fried potatoes similar to French fries


Saganaki - fried cheese that is oftentimes served with a side of tomato sauce


Yigendes - big beans that are similar to lima beans and served either with oil and lemon or with tomato sauce