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Things to Do in Bangkok at Night

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Bangkok is Thailand’s largest city, an eventful place where people from all corners of the globe flock to because of its historic tourist destinations, unique cuisine and cheap shopping bargains.

Bangkok: A Shopper’s Paradise


Like most Asian countries, night markets are very popular in Bangkok because of its convenience. Locals can shop after work hours and city visitors can enjoy shopping at night without having to endure the tropical Bangkok climate. The most well-renowned night market (due to its location) can be found in the red light district of Patpong, alongside the nudie bars and cabarets. From the latest pirated movies, electronic devices, toys, trinkets, souvenirs and Rolex watch imitations, you can almost find anything you want (or need) at a night market. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the other night markets in Bangkok such as Suan Lum Night Bazaar to enjoy the open food court and beer garden and Khao San Road’s trendy stalls if you’re a tourist backpacker.


Tip: Check your purchases carefully before paying for it could be fairly dark while shopping.

Gay Capital of Asia


Bangkok is recognized as Asia’s gay hub. Together with this recognition are the best gay-themed bars, clubs, and ladyboy cabarets which showcase a variety of performances such as exotic dancing, body exhibition, fashion shows, and ladyboy comedy. Most of these neon-lit establishments are found on Soi Pratoochai informally known to locals as “Soi Twilight” scattered along Surawong Road and Silom Road.


Tip: Gay discrimination is virtually non-existent in Bangkok. There are lots of gay-friendly hotels, karaoke bars, massage parlors, and saunas which cater to the third sex to choose from. Pink Taxis anyone?

Hittin’ Up the Clubs in Bangkok


Loud and upbeat techno music, strobe lights, booze, and disco balls; bounce and sway at the latest beats of the Bangkok club scene. Party all night at the land of smiles on the hottest night clubs filled with the youngest and most energetic party people! Bed Supperclub’s (26 Sukhumvit Road Soi 11) sleek interiors and club music will surely get you into the groove mood! Don’t feel like dancing the night away? Sit back, chill and relax while listening to “real music” at Breaks (Soi 2/1 Silom Road). I could go on but there are basically hundreds of night clubs around Bangkok to visit. You might also want to drop by at the dance clubs in Khao San Road and the more upscale and chic places at Ratchadapisek.


Tip: Bars in Bangkok have a laidback atmosphere. You may wear anything you like, just remember to always look presentable.

Bangkok Red Light Districts


But there’s another reason why tourists –mostly men– want to go to Bangkok.


The Bangkok nightlife is undeniably rowdy and wild. The sights and sounds intensify as the atmosphere becomes alive with loud music and flashy


neon lights
as night time fills the Bangkok skies. Locals and city visitors alike are inevitably lured into the wildest and shadiest parts of the city to have fun and satisfy their earthly desires; just within reach and readily for sale.


Read on and get to know where to go in the land of smiles after dark and learn how to enjoy the “sin city” of the east, Bangkok.


Bangkok is infamous for its sex tourism industry. Although closely monitored and tolerated by the Thai government, sex trade is totally illegal


Patpong – The Patpong red light district is formed by two parallel streets intersected by Surawong and Silom Roads, aptly named Patpong 1 (well-known for its night market and crowded by families, couples and back-packers) and Patpong 2, lesser crowded because of its uncertain ambiance. A common sight on both Patpong streets are go-go bars and beer bars using scantily-clad women to attract passersby.


Tip: Pay attention when making transactions because some establishments may try to rip you off of your money. If you feel that you have been scammed, the nearest tourist police station is located at the corner of Patpong 2 and Surawong Road.


Nana Plaza – Located at the intersection of Sukhumvit Road and Nanatai Road (Soi 4,) the strictly adult night scene at Nana Plaza raises up the notch when it comes to organized (yet still illegal) Bangkok sex trade.


Soi Cowboy – Right along Sukhumvit Road and just minutes away from Nana Plaza is the much smaller and also strictly adult red light district of Soi Cowboy between Soi Asoke (Soi 21) and Soi Prasanmitr (Soi 23). What makes Soi Cowboy unique is its creativeness and well-produced entertainment which includes the jaw-dropping and notoriously famous “pingpong” show.