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Top 5 Second Hand Stores in Amsterdam

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Second hand shopping is the way for the locals, and visitors of Amsterdam. First of all, there are so many places to go for used clothing. And of-course, the Dutch, known for their parsimonious nature, love to get a second life out of things. Also, in a city whose style thrives on individuality, second hand stores are great places to find unique items that can help express ones individuality. Indeed, the funky, distinct style of this city is part of what makes it so great for people watching! There are so many second hand shops in Amsterdam, but below is a list of five of my favorites. They all have something different and special to offer…

1. 1953 – Retro en Chic


Staalstraat 2 1011 JL Amsterdam + 31 (0)64 280 8455


If beautiful vintage is your thing, this is the store for you. Perhaps you are looking for a fabulous party dress, or a vintage bustier, or maybe both? Though confined to a pretty tiny space, 1953 manages to house quite a bit of inventory. Bear in mind the more intricate dresses can run a bit high in price, around 150 euros, but the dresses in this price range are usually quite beautiful, and truly unique pieces. 1953 is also home to lots, and lots, and lots of great second hand shoes. There is a small rack of men’s clothing as well, but the there is clearly a feminine focus.

2. Episode


Waterlooplein 1 1011 NV Amsterdam + 32 (0)20 032 3000


Episode’s inventory tends to have less of a vintage feel, and a more kitsch (think your grandmother’s housecoats) and a retro (think old school, brightly colored Adidas) vibe. The Amsterdam store is part of an international chain, and carries a wide variety of items from many different decades. There is a good lingerie section, some great winter coats and everything you need in between to dress yourself. And half of the store is dedicated to men’s clothing. Of-course if you are in this area you have to check out the Waterlooplein Market as well!

3. De Tweede Ronde (The Second Round)


Kromme Waal 10 1011 BS Amsterdam +31 (0)20 420 1425


While the clothing here really tends to be regular contemporary second hand items (with some older pieces thrown in) the prices are reasonable and the vibe is mellow. Located down a residential backstreet this place has a local and unpretentious feel, a place you could bring mom. In addition to clothing, this store has some nice jewelry, cute used kitchenwares, and a beautiful old cupboard full of lovely antique linens.

4. Zipper


Huidenstraat 7 1016 ER Amsterdam +31(0)20 623 7302 Nieuwe Hoogstraat 8 1011 HE Amsterdam +31 (0)20 627 0353


Zipper probably has the most comprehensive inventory on this list. Located in the heart of the shopping district known as the “Nine Streets,” Zipper is spread over two floors, and offers a huge range of items from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s plus some new items as well, for both men and woman.

5. Wini


Haarlemmerstraat 29 1013 EJ Amsterdam +31 (0)20 427 9393


Wini, which is located on the great shopping street, Haarlemmerstraat, has a fun selection of vintage clothes. Focused mostly on the female customer (though there is a couple racks of great men’s stuff too) you can peruse the large selection of shoes and boots, hand bags, sweaters, dresses and more. There is also a rack of children’s stuff that is really cool as well.