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Nightlife & Entertainment in Macau

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Whether you call it the Vegas of the East, or the Monte Carlo of the Orient, there's little doubt that Macau’s high rise casinos and neon-bathed entertainment complexes are carving out a world-class reputation of their own. Dramatic hotel-casinos light up the night’s sky with a kaleidoscope of colours, so get out there and let Macau’s clubs, bars and acrobatic entertainment options leave your head in a spin.




Gambling is illegal in most of China - not so in Macau, which more than compensates for the mainland. Macau packs in dozens of casinos, so roll the dice and take your chances at these world class resorts.


Venetian Macao


Gently bob along the smooth canals of Venice with a gondolier crooning romantically behind you before stopping to stroll around an illuminated St Mark’s Square, at this extraordinary hotel complex. Step inside the casino and you’ll swap Venice for Vegas, as you pin your hopes on the roulette wheels. The Venetian houses one of the world’s biggest casinos, so there’s no need to worry about anyone cramping your style as you try your luck on the slot machines.


Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macau. Tel:+853 2882 8888


Venetian Macao website
Grand Lisboa


Feel sky high as you rake in the winnings at another one of Macau’s stand-out casinos. Located in the city’s tallest building which looms like a vast steel-and-glass flower over the surrounding structures, this multi-floored casino is a great place to try out your baccarat skills or to learn some tips while watching the high rollers in action. If you do win some cash, you might decide to splurge on the fine dining restaurant on site.


Avenida de Lisboa, Macau. Tel:+853 2828 3838


Grand Lisboa website


Live entertainment


Macau specialises in the spectacular, so spend a night watching acrobats spiralling improbably through the air, before experiencing the spotlight for yourself as you suck in a breath and prepare to launch into a karaoke classic.


The House of Dancing Water


Get ready for a show that will leave you speechless, as dancers and acrobats swing through glowing jets of water during this precise musical spectacle. You’ll have your heart in your mouth while watching the motorbike daredevils, but it’s those sparkling water streams which dance and twirl in the lights that are the real star of the show. This is entertainment that really makes a splash.


Estrada do Istmo, Macau. Tel:+853 8868 6688


The House of Dancing Water website




Macau is brimming with classy drinking spots, and you’ll feel on top of the world as you drink in Macau Tower’s sky-high bar, looking down over the moonlit waves. Here’s another place where you can take a break from the bright casino lights.




Ask the locals where to drink in Macau, and chances are you’ll hear the name MacauSoul cropping up time and time again. This upmarket but unpretentious wine bar serves hundreds of Portuguese vintages, and you can taste the subtle differences between Arinto and Trincadeira grape varieties while nodding your head to smooth jazz performances during the bar’s regular live music evenings.


31A Rua de S. Paulo, Macau. Tel:+853 2836 5182


MacauSoul website


Dance clubs


Whether you’re celebrating your winnings or wanting to forget that last unlucky roll of the dice, Macau’s after hours nightclubs are perfect for letting off some steam on the dance floor.


Club Cubic


Feel the bass of the world’s top DJs rumbling in your chest, or watch the raunchy exotic dancers take to the stage while making the most of Cubic, one of Macau’s hottest clubs. This mammoth venue thumps with music until late, and is a haunt for celebrities and the well-heeled. If you’re celebrating, the bubbly won’t stop flowing until sunrise.


Estrada do Istmo, Macau. Tel:+853 8868 6688


Club Cubic website