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Family Friendly Attractions in Macau

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Don’t go thinking Macau's just an adult's playground - bring the kids along, and make the most of this city’s elaborately themed hotels and enchanting attractions. With Hong Kong’s skyscrapered dreamland also within tantalisingly easy reach, Macau is perfect for a family seeking urban adventures.


Towering entertainment


Touch the sky in Macau, where towering buildings give you stunning views and the chance to test your nerves to the limit. There’s no better way to cure a fear of heights than by peering over the edge of the futuristic Macau Tower.


Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre


Macau Tower’s section of glass floor, which lets you look down at the ant like cars below, will be more than enough for most people to handle. Fearless kids will also want to check out the Skywalk, so chances are you’ll be following them outside to experience the spine-tingling sensation of walking around the top of the tower while attached to a harness. If that all sounds a little too extreme, then the tower’s 3D cinema will surely be a more relaxing hit.


Macau. Tel:+853 2893 3339


Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre website
Day trips


While Macau has more than enough to keep the whole family smiling, the dazzling lights and soaring skyscrapers of Hong Kong are also within easy reach, and ideal for a mini-adventure. More than a hundred fast ferries - and helicopters - hop across the water each day.


Hong Kong


Take the tram up to Victoria Peak and you’ll be overwhelmed by the breathtaking scale of Hong Kong as you look down over the ocean of neon-bathed skyscrapers below. Head down to the city for a cruise on the rippling harbour, while kids will also love meeting their favourite cartoon characters at Disneyland, or coming face-to-face with the vicious critters which stalk the deep seas at Ocean Park, where long-toothed sharks and venomous jellyfish swim.


Hong Kong Island. Tel:+852 2508 1234


Hong Kong website


Hands-on museums


Whether they’re watching cute pandas chomping noisily on bamboo, or blasting off into outer space, your little travel companions will love Macau’s interactive museums and education centres.


Macao Science Center


Grab your thinking caps and head to the Science Center, which rises up from the ground like a silvery spacecraft. You can touch the huge body of a real satellite, before taking the controls as the countdown to a simulated spacecraft launch begins. New experiences are everywhere in this museum, which lets kids interact with robots before making a racket in the sound gallery as they explore the principles of sound and music.


Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Macau. Tel:+853 2888 0822


Macao Science Center website


Family food


Some of Macau’s restaurants glow with Michelin stars, but don’t worry - there’s just as many options to help you feed the family with minimal fuss. Whether hungry bellies are calling for a filling pastry, or a sit down meal that everyone will enjoy, Macau won’t let you down.


A Lorcha


Introduce the children to delicious Portuguese foods like chicken flavoured with paprika and garlic, or juicy prawn-studded paellas. A Lorcha’s huge servings are perfect for sharing, and the restaurant’s attentive staff will go out of their way to help the kids choose food they’ll love.


289 Rua Do Almirante Sérgio . Tel:+853 2831 3195


A Lorcha website


Lord Stow’s Bakery


No trip to Macau is complete without popping into this famous bakery at least once. While the deliciously buttery croissants and breads are tempting, most people visit this Macau institution for one reason - to try a famous Macau egg tart. This bakery is believed to have been the first to introduce the unique variation of Portugal’s Pasteis de Nata pastry to Asia, so tuck into this treat and enjoy a sweet taste of local history for yourself.


Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca. Tel:+853 2888 2534


Lord Stow’s Bakery website