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Nightlife & Entertainment in Boston

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The Puritan City has come a long way over the years, and there's no need to worry - modern Boston is always up for a party. From swinging jazz clubs, to sky high bars and artsy clubs, Boston’s nightlife crackles with energy, and has something to put a smile on everyone's face.




There’s a bar for every taste in Boston, and the hoppy flavors of famous local brews like Samuel Adams are always tempting. With a healthy Irish heritage here, there’s a wealth of welcoming Irish pubs – so drink merrily before clearing your head with a greasy fry-up of bacon, sausage and egg the following morning.


Hops N Scotch


This bar and restaurant doesn’t overcomplicate things, focusing on two simple pursuits - beer and whiskey. Crack the tops off bottles of Boston's own offerings or take your pick from the bar's selection of over 100 smokey whiskeys, designed to tantalize every tastebud. Try a cocktail, or simply fill up on some hearty food with a fiery kick in this buzzing Brookline bar.


1306 Beacon Street, Brookline MA 02446. Tel: +1 617 232 8808


Hops N Scotch website


Top of the Hub


You’ll feel on top of the world as you look down over the twinkling city from the heights of Top of the Hub's bar. Sip a drink, and spot everything from Fenway Park's hallowed turf to the ocean stretching away towards Europe, before the sun descends and the city's lights flicker on beneath your feet.


800 Boylston Street, Boston MA 02199. Tel: +1 617 536 1775


Top of the Hub website


Famous hangouts


Don't be surprised if you feel a sense of déjà vu while drinking in Boston. Humble taverns are full of history, so raise a glass in the home of the sitcom Cheers - which catapulted the Beacon Hill area to fame – before enjoying a drink in one of America’s oldest watering holes.
The Bell in Hand Tavern


It's well worth getting to the bottom of the stories contained in every tankard served inside the Bell in Hand. This is America’s oldest bar, and Bostonians have been drinking here since 1795. A foamy Philadelphia Cream Ale was the only option on the menu until 1919, but you'll be pleased to know that the menu’s a little more diverse nowadays. So settle in to enjoy some delicious local food, while clinking glasses, and toasting this historic tavern.


45 Union Street, Boston MA 02108. Tel: +1 617 227 2098


The Bell in Hand Tavern website


Live music


See the next big thing, or squeeze in to watch an exciting band riding a wave of success, at one of Boston’s various music venues. You can join the crowds heading to TD Gardens to see pop’s biggest divas commanding the stage, or take in a gig at the House of Blues – where hometown heroes play Irish-infused punk rock to welcome in St Patrick’s Day.


The Beehive


Eat to the smooth sounds of a band in this quirky bar and restaurant which buzzes with activity throughout the evening. Cut into an oozing duck breast, or enjoy a fresh salad sprinkled with grilled octopus, as a pianist improvises effortlessly to a bass guitar's steady rhythm. A great atmosphere is guaranteed, and with live music every night of the week, this bohemian flavored jazz club is a Boston favorite.


541 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02116. Tel: +1 617 423 0069


The Beehive website




You can easily dance until you drop in Boston’s nightclubs. Try Royale’s popular, laser-lit parties, or stay at the Gypsy Bar until late, dancing with the illuminated jellyfish that swirl hypnotically in the wall tanks. Then there's this thumping spot…




This hotspot glows with neon colors, and its top quality sound system ensures that every stab of bass rattles the room. A disorientating combination of morphing lights, surreal design, and cheap drinks offers guarantees a great end to any Boston night out.


271 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02116 . Tel: +1 617 292 0080


Candibar website