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Savannah Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

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The city's love for the arts is reflected in the colorful and unique stores throughout Savannah, and you'll find plenty of locally owned galleries and boutiques where you can find a perfect souvenir to take home. The long and tumultuous history of Savannah also means it's a natural choice for antiques and vintage items, and you'll find lots of charming little shops where you can pick out something special.
City Market



The old City Market was a spot for local farmers to sell their wares centuries ago, and it's been lovingly restored into the perfect spot to buy works of art and handcrafted items today. Small boutiques sell the perfect Savannah souvenirs, ranging from colorful scarves to bright leather handbags, and as you wander along the pedestrianized streets with their quaint awnings, you'll pick up a distinct small town vibe. There's also an array of art galleries where seasoned creatives and talented up-and-comers display their work. Rather less hard on the wallet are the jars of homemade jams and Georgia wines to be found in foodie nooks around the market.


Oglethorpe Mall



Modern and stylish Oglethorpe Mall is a reminder that Savannah isn't just about retro markets and old world architecture. This vast, gleaming retail wonderland has over 100 stores under its high glass roof, and here you'll find all your big brand favorites in a convenient location. From cutting edge high street trends to aromatic cosmetics and shoe boutiques, it's all here in a shopping mecca that's been a local landmark since the 1960s. If all the browsing gets your tummy rumbling, you can feast on Cajun chicken, deli sandwiches, and naughty but nice cheesesteaks in the large food court.


River Street



The riverfront area is known for being a popular tourist spot – you can tell from the Savannah t-shirts – and many visitors simply enjoy wandering along River Street to see the historic storefronts and spot the old-fashioned riverboats in the water. Keep your eyes peeled as you explore and you'll notice some real hidden gems such as vintage bookstores with rows of volumes dating back centuries, and specialist retailers selling Civil War artifacts. There are plenty of cake and candy stores too – ideal for souvenir treats, or just to nibble on as you walk – and there are frequent events which see vendors pitch up their stalls to sell locally crafted wares.


Abercorn Walk



A couple of miles from Downtown Savannah is a burgeoning shopping district dominated by Abercorn Walk. This retail complex has been designed to resemble a village, where men and women alike will be able to rifle through up-to-the-minute clothing – from big names and exclusive designers alike. If you prefer food to fashion, there's market fresh delicacies to pick up for your picnic. As it's away from the main drag of tourist attractions, Abercorn Walk will make you feel like a local in the know.