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Where to Eat in St. Louis – a food and dining guide

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A cuisine built on soul food and heavily influenced by the dishes early immigrants from Italy and Asia brought with them, St Louis sure tastes good. Neighborhoods are practically marked out by the dishes they serve up – The Hill is pure-blood Italian, while South Grand is a melting pot of ethnic restaurants, and Midtown is Midwestern comfort food. Forget the diet, loosen your belt and get ready to try all of St Louis’ smoking flavors.
Typical dishes



St. Louis’ signature dish is toasted ravioli, invented in the Italian district of the city. It’s a deep-fried, filled pasta square, served with marinara sauce for dipping.



Downtown has a plethora of restaurants, ranging from quick lunchtime cafés to stupendous evening venues. Cuisine here revolves around classic American meat and seafood, simply served or jazzed up. One of the best places is the Broadway Oyster Bar, which serves sensational Cajun-style seafood. With live St. Louis blues music every night, it’s a place to stay long after you’ve finished your meal. Another memorable evening is on offer at the Hilton’s Three Sixty, a gourmet rooftop bar 400 feet above the city, giving you a spectacular, panoramic view. The seafood, inspired by a fusion of cultures, is worth the trip up too.


• Broadway Oyster Bar, 736 S Broadway, St. Louis; Tel: +1 314 6218 811

Three Sixty, 1 S Broadway, St. Louis; Tel. +1 314 2418 439


The Hill


To the west of Downtown, and a festival of green, white and red stripes, The Hill is St. Louis’ very own Little Italy. This is the birthplace of toasted ravioli, and any restaurant worth its salt round here has its own interpretation of the St. Louis classic. Beyond the obvious pasta and pizza, you’ll also find authentic regional dishes, including sautéed veal and crab cakes. Gian-Tony’s Risorante is the real deal, with a homely atmosphere and a Sicilian menu. LoRusso’s Cucina is a great place for a party, as it has a decent cocktail menu alongside its authentic dishes.


• Gian-Tony’s Ristorante, 5356 Daggett Ave, St. Louis; Tel: +1 314 7724 893

LoRusso’s Cucina, 3121 Watson Road, St. Louis; Tel: +1 314 6476 222


South Grand


Build up an appetite by exploring the beautiful, fanciful Tower Grove Park in this SSt. Louis district, then take a walk down South Grand Avenue. Allow yourself to be led by the exotic Asian and African aromas emanating from the restaurants. Holding its own in a crowd of Asian eateries, Pho Grand is renowned for its top-quality Vietnamese cuisine, though you may have to fight for a table. Meskerem Ethiopian, meanwhile, is the perfect introduction to the fragrant, spicy dishes of Ethiopian cuisine – and to eating with just an injera flatbread and your hands.


• Pho Grand, 3195 S Grand Blvd, St. Louis; Tel. +1 314 6647 435

Meskerem Ethiopian, 3210 S Grand Blvd, St. Louis; Tel. +1 314 7724 442


Cherokee Street


If you have a craving for Mexican, then you need to head to Cherokee Street. This colorful neighborhood is bursting with antiques shops, vintage markets, and the best taquerias in town. For awesome breakfast tacos, fiery shrimp diablo, and budget prices, Taqueria El Bronco is a reliable choice. There are also some great independent bakeries in this district. If you could happily live off baked treats alone, Whisk is your dream come true. With a highly imaginative savory and sweet collection, you can gorge on muffins, cupcakes, and pies galore.


• Taqueria El Bronco, 2817 Cherokee Street, St. Louis; Tel: +1 314 7620 691

Whisk Bakery, 2201 Cherokee Street, St. Louis; Tel: Tel. +1 314 9325 166