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Where to Eat in Seattle – a food and dining guide

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Seattle is a city of foodies, hosting a busy Restaurant Week, and offering a wide variety of cuisines that reflect the multicultural population. From fine dining that's the envy of any world city, to food trucks and shabby chic diners, there's a huge variety to tempt you in. Seattle appreciates individuality and is often at the cutting edge of new trends, so expect to have your taste buds teased and wowed by the chow spots.
Typical dishes



Freshly caught, local salmon is popular in Seattle, whether it's grilled, smoked, or stuffed in a taco. There's even a festival called SalmonFest – a great time to feast on the fish.



Amid the buzzing, cultural atmosphere of the city center, you'll find plenty of casual restaurants that redefine urban cool. The Metropolitan Grill has become the go-to eatery for those craving a steak, with the sort of attention to quality that Seattle locals love. Take a seat in one of the traditional, cozy booths, and you'll be offered a selection of steaks, dry aged and cooked to your liking. For dessert on the go, visit the Daily Dozen Doughnut Co as they fry daily batches from their stall in Pike Place Market. Eat your treats fresh and hot, from the paper bag, with flavors from bacon maple to cinnamon sugar.


• Metropolitan Grill, 820 2nd Ave, Seattle; Tel: +1 206 6243 287

Daily Dozen Donut Co, 93 Pike Street, Seattle; Tel: +1 206 4677 769




The Scandinavian neighborhood of Ballard is a former industrial and fishing area, with hip restaurants created from restored factories and warehouses. It's also the best spot in the city for seafood, and at Ray's Boathouse you can enjoy king salmon, halibut, and crab legs as you look out over the Pacific Ocean where they have just been caught. While you are enjoying the Scandinavian vibe of Ballard, try some traditional treats such as a freshly baked kringle at Larsen's Original Bakery. You'll find the flaky layers of pastry and almond paste utterly irresistible, although you might be tempted away by the marzipan covered cakes and pastries on display in the huge glass cases.


• Ray's Boathouse, 6049 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle; Tel: +1 206 7893 770

Larsen's Original Bakery, 8000 24th Ave NW, Seattle; Tel: +1 206-782-8285




The artistic community of Fremont is home to the large Sunday Market, and here you'll find a wide selection of food trucks serving cuisines from around the world. You can nosh on everything from pulled pork and mac 'n' cheese to Japanese hot dogs and freshly prepared fried chicken. Fremont also has a laid back café culture, with a slightly obsessive quest for the perfect cup of coffee. Sip Seattle's favorite beverage at Lighthouse Roasters, where beans are roasted in-house, and you can nibble a freshly baked pastry with your freshly brewed coffee.


• Lighthouse Roasters, 400 North 43rd Street, Seattle; Tel: +1 206 6334 775


Queen Anne


Perched on a hill, the Queen Anne area has some of Seattle's most exclusive addresses, and the high standard of fine dining has been created to match the local's expectations. Canlis has floor to ceiling windows where you can enjoy spectacular views of Lake Union, and you'll enjoy a choice of tasting menus with decadent delicacies including lobster, oysters, foie gras, and freshly caught king salmon. Toulouse Petit Kitchen offers rustic French cuisine with a twist, and is perfect for romantic evenings, with its dark wood accents and warm candle-lit glow.


• Canlis , 2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle; Tel: +1 206 2833 313

Toulouse Petit Kitchen, 601 Queen Anne Avenue N, Seattle; Tel: +1 206 4329 069